This page contains a list of Daton supported data sources and data warehouses.

Choose Sources

This tab lists all Daton supported data sources. Each data source is categorized and users can filter the data sources by either searching by the name or by using category filters. Users can click on a specific data source, provide necessary configuration details and integrate it. The configuration pages can typically be broken down in to two steps -

  1. Pre-Authentication steps - Configuration details such as Integration Name, Frequency, History, API Keys, API End Points, etc. are captured in these steps. Some of these credentials are used for authentication and authorization from Daton users

  2. Post-Authentication steps - After successful authentication, users would be navigated through tables and fields selection screens where in they would be able to select only the necessary tables and fields respectively

Users can integrate as many data sources as required within the subscription limits. Read more about subscription plans here.

Choose Warehouse

This tab lists all Daton supported data warehouses. Only one data warehouse can be active at a time. Learn more on how to sign-up for warehouses and configure them on Daton - Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Oracle ADW

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