Release Notes

Google Analytics Connector

July 2021

Request to load month-level data of the existing and new users.

February 2021

  • New UI Rollout for the connector.

  • Source level changes to mask messages for Notifications.

April 2020

Source fixes to support Relational warehouses for the connector.

February 2020

Fixes associated with jobs.

December 2019

Several fixes for the source have been adjusted.

November 2019

Error notifications will be displayed in a user-readable message. Note: The error messages are not comprehensive and new messages would be updated for these sources when they occur.

October 2019

  • Multi-account selection feature has been added.

  • Multi-table selection feature has been added (Can create multiple combinations of dimensions and metrics in the same integration). This will ease the token issues.

  • Added support for custom metrics and dimensions.

  • Table-level reloads have been made available. Tables will be truncated, and data will be fetched again as per this configuration.

Documentation of the Google Analytics connector can be found here.

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