About Shiprocket Platform

Shiprocket, a logistics and shipping service provider, offers a wide array of services catering to businesses of varying sizes.

The platform facilitates automated shipping, enabling the swift creation of shipping labels, tracking shipments, and managing returns in a unified interface. It extends its services to cross-border shipping, allowing businesses to cater to a global customer base. Notably, businesses can leverage their fulfillment and warehousing services to focus more on their growth while outsourcing their logistical concerns to Shiprocket.

Apart from these robust services, Shiprocket also incorporates several advantageous features. Cash-on-delivery payment support allows businesses to collect payment upon order delivery, enhancing customer convenience. It is a cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere and compatible with all major e-commerce platforms. With a suite of reports and analytics, businesses can closely monitor their shipping performance. Given its easy setup and user-friendly interface, Shiprocket emerges as a potent logistics and shipping solution that can significantly enhance shipping processes for businesses of all sizes.

However, the power of the Shiprocket platform is fully realized when integrated with Daton. This integration allows businesses to automate data transfer processes, including shipment information, order details, and tracking updates. By doing so, they can unify their data from different sources, enabling comprehensive analysis and driving efficient decision-making processes.

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