Amazon Vendor Central

May 2023

A few enhancements have been made to the Amazon Vendor Central connector. These updates include the implementation of look back logic, attribution incremental split, and periodic attribution. These upgrades are aimed to enable users to correct historical data and get incremental data quicker.

Look back logics:

The default is a 'look back until' value of 7 days, i.e., jobs fetch data for the last seven days every day.

look back after:

Daton's enhanced look back logic feature enables users to correct past data.

Users can access data for specific dates by specifying multiple integers like 5, 10, or 15. For instance, on May 15, one can retrieve the current day's data (May 15) along with the data from the previous days, including April 30, May 5, and May 10.

This configuration on the backend is concocted to give Daton users greater flexibility to accommodate changes in historical data. 'look back after' is turned off and 'look back until' is the default mechanism.

look back until:

With look back until, Daton enables you to obtain historical data within a specified timeframe.

As an example, if today is May 15, by setting a single integer, such as 7, the system automatically fetches data from May 8 to May 15. The number can be increased or decreased as per data requirements. The default value for Vendor sales reports is a look back until value of 7 days.

Reach out to our support team to enable this feature.

Attribution Incremental Split:

Even if the current day's data is not immediately available for certain tables, our system makes separate attempts to fetch it.

Considering today is May 15 and data from May 12 onwards is missing, Daton makes separate API calls to fetch data for May 13, May 14, and May 15. This ensures that one can retrieve data whenever it is available beyond the SLA given by the SP-API. The SLA for most Vendor reports is 72 hours from the current time.

Periodic Attribution:

This can be used when a pattern of changing data is observed over a certain time span.

Periodic attribution operates by running the past x days of data every y days. One can specify the number of days desired, to re-fetch the data, along with the frequency of this re-fetch.

Most customers prefer fetching the last 90 days of data every 30 days because there are minor changes in sales data over the previous three months. By default, this is turned off.

Contact our support team if you have additional questions or want to enable these features in your integrations.

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