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Release Notes

Snowflake ETL connector

September 2022

Tables were getting created with '_1' as the suffix even in cases where tables shouldn't have any suffixes. This issue has been identified and resolved.

April 2022

  • A record was been stored as a LONGTEXT in RDSMySQL and as a VARCHAR in Snowflake.
  • In this release, an option to store records as a JSON in RDSMySQL and as a VARIANT in Snowflake apart from the aforementioned data types has been introduced.
  • This option is available while setting up/editing the destination warehouse (RDSMySQL or Snowflake) only and will affect all tables in the warehouse.

August 2021

  • Application parameters have been added.

June 2021

Upsert and Data Processing fixesUpsert and Data Processing fixes.

May 2021

  • Uploading of large files for sources that use the S3 bucket to upload data.
  • Un-nesting + upsert issue has been hotfixed.
  • Removed the table deletion capability.

June 2020

Edit warehouse changes has been done.

April 2020

Support has been added for the warehouse (Edit integration functionality still has issues).
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