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Not available because the columns selected in the SQL query will be added

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OAuth using Amazon Ad Console login

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Key Based Incremental

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12 hours

Supports attribution


Instructions to Integrate Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) with Daton


  1. Advertiser ID

    • Click here OR log in to the Amazon Ad console and move to the Marketing Cloud section.

    • Click on the brand name in the upper right-hand corner next to the notification icon.

    • Here you will find your advertiser ID.

  2. MarketPlace ID Click here to retrieve the list of marketplace IDs for each region:

CountryMarketplace IDCountry code




United States of America









  1. Instance ID

    • Click here OR log in to Amazon and move to the marketing cloud section and on the following page.

    • Save the Instance ID for the respective brand name, for later use.

Integrate Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) with Daton

  1. Sign in to Daton.

  2. Select Amazon Marketing Cloud(AMC) from the Connectors page.

  3. Provide the necessary configuration parameters - Integration Name, Replication Frequency, History, Region/Marketplace, Advertiser ID, Instance ID, Marketplace ID, and the queries. Please Note, the Integration Name would be used in creating tables for the integration and cannot be changed later.

  4. You will be redirected to the Amazon Advertising login page to authorize Daton to extract data periodically. Log in with your seller account.

  5. After authentication, select the tables for which you have entered a query.

  6. Then select the required fields for each table.

  7. Submit the integration.

How to write the queries?

  1. For AMC the queries have to be written in a particular format:

    1. No comments in the query

    2. No line breaks

  2. To remove line breaks you can use:

  3. Enter your query in the upper box and you will have a query without any line breaks in the lower box, please use this query as input on Daton.

Tables Supported

  • The tables are based on the query a user inputs.

  • In the second step of the integration creation please enter the queries you want to run against your AMC database and select those tables in the next step. For instance, If you add 3 queries namely, query1, query2, and query3 in the text inputs, you will select those tables in the subsequent step in the table selection.

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