Release Notes

Unicommerce ETL Connector

June 2022

New facilities can now be added from UI (through edit workflow) and start dates can be picked individually for these facilities. This will reduce the number of reloads and volume.

April 2022

Automated schema management implemented

  • When there is a change in the data type of a field, a new column corresponding to the field and a new data type are created in the table and subsequently populated.

  • The column with the old data type will now have null values.

  • Reloading tables due to the change in data type will not take place anymore. A smaller number of rows are processed due to this enhancement which will also reduce the billing cost.

  • All newly added fields to the API will be transmitted to the warehouse immediately when detected.

February 2022

Fixed the missing data in the sales order table.

November 2021

Added the new table Invetorysnapshot_v2 and updated the refresh token handling.

July 2021

The data missing fix for the Sales order table has been done.

June 2021

OrderDate as ddmmyyyyhhMMss format for sales order and columns name changes in the Inventory snapshot table.

April 2021

A new UI for the source with the unnesting and update mode has been added.

October 2019

New APIs have been introduced to support sell-through rate calculation (requirement from TLL).

Documentation for the Unicommerce connector can be found here.

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