Logging and Log Retention

In order to ensure a transparent data pipeline, we make every effort to show to the user the log pertaining to every replication job that Daton runs. This information is persisted and is made available to the user subject to the policies governed by the user's subscription. There are two places where we show log information to the users.


Logs for each job can be viewed using the dedicated Logs page which can be found in the left menu. This page allows the users to filter the replication jobs based on their replication status, i.e, Success or Failed. Users may also use the search functionality on this page to search for jobs pertaining to a specific integration by using the integration name or look up logs for a particular replication job based on the integration type (Ex: Facebook, Google etc)

Integration Details

Integration details page also contains a section dedicated to listing the jobs that have been run for a particular source integration. Users can inspect the status of the jobs, find additional information, and also view the logs related to a particular source integration.

Log Retention

Daton stores the logs for each executed pipeline job. These logs are made available in various places within the product. Depending on the subscription plan you are on, the retention period for logs may vary.

Subscription Plan

Retention Period


1 Month


3 Months






1 Month

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