Release Notes

Google Ads Connector

June 2022

Incorrect replication of date in the UI is fixed by implementing a minimum date up to which data was replicated among all accounts decided to be the replication date on UI.

May 2022

  • A new table with the same name as that of a previously removed table can now be added.

  • UI fixes for errors preventing users from navigating to the table selection page after going back to the account selection page.

  • Fixed error that led to the incomplete pulling of data for the current and previous day.

December 2021

Add a new report adsperformancereport to the source.

September 2021

Attribution changes are done.

May 2021

The report's error has been fixed.

January 2021

The issue of Google Ads accounts not being visible due to permissions is now fixed.

February 2020

  • Support for additional reports and tables has been added.

  • Fixes to existing combinations have been made.

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