Release Notes

Facebook Connectors

November 2021

Fix for the account of the relation facebook51187416ads_adlabels column.

September 2021

Attribution changes are done.

August 2021

UI for breakdowns and additional columns added to AdInsights.

May 2021

Added new tables and fixed long-running jobs.

February 2021

Source level changes to mask messages for Notifications.

January 2021

  • Memory leak fixed.

  • Configuration pages revamped.

June 2020

Added support for date_preset parameters for hourly updates.

January 2020

API calls to AdInsights and Breakdowns have been made asynchronous. Some of the loads might have been stopped due to rate limits and time-out errors for these tables. Reloading these tables for your respective projects will be highly recommended.

November 2019

Error notifications will be displayed in a user-readable message. Note: The error messages are not comprehensive and new messages would be updated for these sources when they occur.

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