VendorSalesReportByManufacturing showing a FATAL report status?

FATAL is a report status for Amazon Selling Partner and Vendor Central connectors

Around late 2022, a peculiar behaviour of the API has been identified where some Vendor Central users are being shown a FATAL report status in all of their "ByManufacturingReports". Read more about Amazon report statuses here.

When we look at the API message for the FATAL status, we see the message below:

{ "errorDetails" : "Error in report request: distributorView parameter contains an invalid value. Valid values are SOURCING" }

This is likely the error you're facing when ONLY your manufacturing reports are running into FATAL errors always (and never fetched data) and the other tables are fetching data

When this is the case, you check whether you have access to Vendor Manufacturing reports (Sales and Inventory) in the Vendor Central UI. When the above error is returned, most users don't have access to that report in Vendor Central. If you don't have access to the manufacturing reports, raise a ticket with Amazon to get that resolved. Once that is done, the API should start working as well.

In rare cases, even if you have access to Vendor manufacturing reports in the UI and you still encounter this error, please raise a ticket to Amazon support to enable API access to those reports.

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