Integrate Google Analytics on Daton

Integrating Google Analytics is straight forward in Daton. Follow the below steps to create an integration.


Daton will only require Read & Analyze permissions to views to create an integration and extract data. Give access to an existing user or add a new user to your Google Analytics account

Step 1 - Sign-in to your Google Analytics account with your admin credentials and click Admin settings on the bottom left of the screen

Step 2 - Access can be given to the entire account, for a specific property or for a specific views. If you have multiple properties in an account and want to replicate data for all the views in those properties, then add user at the account level. Otherwise, if data has to be replicated to only one view, then give access at view level. Make sure you are in the right property/view if you want to give access at property level or view level.

Step 3 - Click on Add User and provide Read & Analyze permissions

Step 4 - Repeat the steps for other views and properties required to be replicated

Setup Google Analytics integration on Daton

Step 1 - Select Google Analytics from Connectors page and provide input for all configuration parameters. Read more about Google Analytics configuration here

Step 2 - Sign-in using the user which has access to the required views

Step 3 - Select the views for which data has to replicated from

Step 4 - Give table name (Name the combination of metrics and dimensions)

Step 5 - Click on Add button to select additional combinations with in the same integration. You can add as many combinations as required and tables will be created on the warehouse based on the Table name given

Step 6 - Submit the integration

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