Release Notes

ReCharge ELT Connector

January 2023

  • Recharge offers hosted solutions and integrate them to process recurring transactions with the setup of your choice.

  • The replication key ‘updated_at’ typically runs for incremental extracts. This release has improved the version to accommodate history data irrespective of size constraints.

February 2022

Fix for missing data in the orders table.

May 2022

Fixed the issue that was preventing the Subscriptions and Customers tables from loading.

April 2022

Fixes and improvements in the connector have been adjusted.

November 2021

The issue of replicated data getting updated, but no data being loaded has been fixed.

August 2021

Issues with Incremental data load have been fixed.

July 2021

A fix to add two tables (charges and discounts) has been done.

First Introduced: August 2020

Read more about the ReCharge Payments connector here.

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