Release Notes

Walmart ETL connector

March 2023

Recon Reports have been added

By using the Reconciliation Reports API, sellers can easily compare their accounting records with the data collected from Walmart, identify any discrepancies, and take appropriate action to resolve them.

This indulges verification of data during data migration and helps to ensure accurate accounting and financial reporting.

September 2022

  • Issue with the WFSInventory table has been resolved.

  • The following on-request reports have been added:

    1. Item Report

    2. Shipping program report

    3. Shipping configuration report

    4. CPA report

    5. Return overrides report

    6. Promo report

    7. Item performance report

    8. Delivery defect report

    9. Cancellation Report

    10. Inventory Report

June 2022

Walmart now also supports the Mexico marketplace. The tables supported for Mexico include Orders, Returns, Itemreports.

May 2022

Unnesting of data now working as expected. Data was previously populated as a nested object.

November 2021

The Timestamp error has been fixed.

First Introduced: August 2021

Documentation for Walmart can be found here.

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