Common Errors and Resolution

Authentication Errors

Token Expiration

Many sources leverage OAuth based authentication to allow Daton to retrieve data from those applications. To maintain high security standards, it is imperative that the token issues becomes invalid after a set period of time.

For most applications, Daton handles token expiration gracefully without the need for any user intervention. In some cases however, it may not be possible for Daton to retrieve a new token and may require user intervention. In such scenarios, users will see a notification in the notification panel and depending on their email preferences, an email will be sent to them as well.

API Key Expiration

Some applications require Daton to leverage API keys to extract data from the sources system. When the source key becomes invalid, expires, or is changed, the jobs that are scheduled to extract data for these sources will no longer succeed. In order to ensure uninterrupted processing of data, users should use the edit integration workflow to change the API key and provide Daton with a valid key.

User Losing Access to Sources

Daton relies on having continued read access to the source systems to process data replication jobs. In order to avoid interruption to pipeline jobs caused by changes in source system access, we encourage you to create a dedicated user (Ex: Daton) to source systems and use the dedicated user to retrieve data from the source.

There are many situations where an issue such as this can occur.

Example 1: A marketer moves on to a different company and no longer has access to Facebook Ad Manager.

Example 2: A marketer moves on to a different role within the same company and no longer has access to Facebook Ad Manager.

Creating a dedicated user is a simple and effective way to ensure uninterrupted data processing.

Database Connection Errors

Daton requires a few pre-requisite steps like whitelisting our IP Addresses, and providing a Username/Password to performed into order to establish a database connection. If any of these settings change, Daton can no longer establish a secure connection to the database. When this happens, users will get a notification in the notification panel, and depending on their preferences, an email communication as well.

To remedy the issue, please follow the instructions in the corresponding source documentation or write to us at and one of our engineers will get in touch with you.

Breaching Rate Limits

Sources or application that allows Daton to pull data using REST APIs enforce a variety of throttling mechanisms to limit the amount of data that can retrieved from the source. Fortunately, Daton is equipped with the required intelligence to respond the rate limiting strategies that are being enforced and ensures seamless data replication.

Pipeline Errors



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