Daton Metadata

Daton adds a set of metadata columns to every table that is replicated to the data warehouse. This is done to ensure that at any given point in time, a record in the warehouse can be tied to a specific job in Daton. By adding this metadata columns, faster trouble shooting becomes possible incase any discrepancy in data is found although such a scenario is very rare.

The following fields are added to each table: <>

  • _daton_user_id

    • This is the unique userid for a Daton user

  • _daton_batch_runtime

    • This field store sthe the time when the data was loaded into the data warehouse

  • _daton_batch_id

    • Unique id that Daton uses to identify a load job in the warehouse.

Please note that in some data destinations columns names my not start with an underscore and in such cases, the first underscore will be stripped off from the column name.

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