GCP PostgreSQL

GCP PostgreSQL is a fully-managed and scalable relational database service offered by Google Cloud.

With GCP PostgreSQL, users can deploy and manage PostgreSQL databases in the cloud without the need for infrastructure management, allowing them to focus on their applications and data.

This connector enables integration with Google Cloud Platform's managed PostgreSQL service in Daton. It allows users to extract data from GCP PostgreSQL databases and load it into their desired destination for further analysis and processing.

This section includes:


Setup Manual

Click here to read the stepwise instructions to connect your GCP PostgreSQL Database to Daton.

Run Immediate functionality

Instead of waiting for the regular scheduled data update or extraction, users can trigger an immediate data load specifically for the selected datetime range or based on specific key values.

This functionality is beneficial when there is a need to retrieve and load historical data promptly, providing users with more flexibility and control over their data integration processes.

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