How to Set up an Azure Data Lake Storage for Integrating with Daton

This subtopic instructions and essential notes on how to set up Azure Data Lake Storage and configure it for integration with Daton.


To establish a connection between Azure Data Lake Storage and Daton, the following prerequisites are required:

  • Azure ADLS Gen2 account with Administrator permissions and a Daton account.

  • An ADLS Gen2 container

  • Permission to create an Azure service principal

Task 1: Create a Storage Account

To create a new Storage Account:

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.

  2. On the Navigation Pane, click Storage Accounts.

  3. On the redirected page, click Create.

  4. Provide a unique Storage account name in the Basics tab. (This name will be used during integration in Daton)

  5. Follow the Microsoft Azure documentation for detailed information on creating a storage account.

Task 2: Create an ADLS container

  1. Navigate to the storage account you generated in Task 1.

  2. Access Containers in the navigation menu and click Create Container.

  3. Within the New Container pane, input a Name for your container. (This name will be used during integration in Daton)

  4. Choose an access level for the container from the access level drop-down menu and click Create.

Task 3: Register an Application and Add a Service Principal

  1. Navigate to Azure Active Directory in the navigation menu.

  2. Access App registrations and click New registration.

  3. Provide a Name for the application.

  4. In the Supported Account Types section, choose Accounts in this organizational directory only, and then click Register.

  5. Your Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID will be displayed. Take note of these as you will require them during Daton configuration.

Task 4: Create a Client Secret

  1. Choose the application you registered in Task 3.

  2. Navigate to Certificates & secrets in the navigation menu, and click New client secret.

  3. Provide a Description for your Client Secret.

  4. Select an expiry period for the client secret from the Expires drop-down menu and click Add.

  5. Take note of the client secret, as you'll need it for configuring Daton.

Task 5: Assign a Role to the Container

  1. Select the Container created in Task 2 and select Access Control (IAM).

  2. Click Add, then select Add role assignments.

  3. On the Role tab, choose Storage Blob Data Contributor and proceed.

  4. Within the Member tab, opt for User, group, or service principal.

  5. Click Select members, pick the service principal added in Task 3, and then click Select.

  6. Click Review + Assign.

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