Essential Attributes and Connector Guidelines

This subtopic focuses on the key attributes of Daton's Email Attachments connector and guidelines that provide crucial insights into its functionality.

Essential Attributes

The following table shows some of the essential connector attributed and their details.


Release Status


Table Selection


Column Selection


Edit Integration


Replication Type Selection


Authentication Parameters

Outlook Login Credentials

Replication Type

Key Based Incremental

Replication Key

File Modified Date

Suggested Replication Frequency

1 hr

Connector Workflow Guidelines

  1. File Format Considerations:

    • The Email Attachment Connector will only process files with contentType and extension in CSV format. No notifications will be sent for files that do not meet this criteria.

  2. Attachment File Handling:

    • Please ensure that you do not send any empty files, as attempting to send such attachments may result in errors.

    • The connector processes file data normally while skipping empty lines.

    • Data corresponding to null value columns will not be processed.

  3. Empty Columns:

    • In cases where all rows are processed, but there are no columns, no data will be processed.

  4. Data Type Handling:

    • All garbage values will be processed as strings.

  5. Header Assumption:

    • By default, the first line of your attachment is considered a header. Please do not include nulls or empty values in this first line.

  6. File Size Limit:

    • Daton will skip processing any attachment that exceeds 5 MB in size.

  7. Regular Expression Testing:

Please follow these best practices to optimize your data integration workflow.

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