Locating Etsy Shop Name

  1. Open & login to your Etsy store (

  2. Navigate to your shop settings button, right new to the cart.

3. The name above "view your profile" is your shop name, use that name while creating an integration.


Integrate Etsy with Daton

1. Sign in to Daton.

2. Select Etsy from the Integrations page.

3. Provide Integration Name Replication Frequency and History.

4. Provide your shop name here as explained above.

5. A popup prompt will open to authorize Daton to access data, click the “Grant access” button.

6. Post successful authentication you will be prompted to choose from the list of available tables.

7. Submit the integration.

Etsy Payments Tables

Source documentation:

  1. ListingsbyShop Purpose: To get information about all the listings & corresponding listing images. Replication: Incremental (Limit & Offset) Fields

2. Receipts Purpose: To get all the receipts from your store. Replication: Incremental Replication Key: Last_modified

3. Reviews Purpose: To get information about all the listing reviews. Replication: Incremental (Limit & Offset)

4. Transactions Purpose: To get information about all the transactions from your shop. Replication: Incremental (Limit & Offset)

5. User Addresses Purpose: To get information about all your user's addresses Replication: Incremental (Limit & Offset)

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