What are 'FATAL' and 'CANCELLED' report statuses in Amazon Selling Partner?

If you ever configured an Amazon Selling Partner connector, chances are that you might have seen 'FATAL' or 'CANCELLED' under job details.

Waiting for your data to load but all you see is 'FATAL' or 'CANCELLED'?

Commonly confused with an error on Daton's end, 'FATAL' and 'CANCELLED' are in fact report statuses from Amazon. Daton reflects these statuses along with other report statuses ('DONE', 'IN_QUEUE' and 'IN_PROGRESS') when the report being requested throws such a status.

Reports are fetched using a 3 step process in the SP-API (createReport, getReport, getReportDocument). After creating a report, one must wait for the report to be generated. The status of the report processing is shown in the getReport operation and the report statuses include 'DONE', 'IN_QUEUE', 'IN_PROGRESS', 'FATAL' and 'CANCELLED'.


Reports can get cancelled when an explicit cancellation request was sent before the report starts processing or when there is no data to return. In most cases seen by Daton, it is due to the fact that there is no data. FBAReturnsReport, FlatFileReturnsReportByReturnDate and FBAStorageFeesReport are some repeat offenders in this scenario where there might be no data available for those dates in those reports. Daton moves forward with the dates after a couple of retries to establish whether there really is no data.

FATAL status:

According to Amazon we can face FATAL errors due to the following reasons:

  • When there is a report requested on top of another report

  • No data for the report to be created

  • The report is not available because of the dates provided

  • The client does not sell in the marketplace(s) specfied in the report request

In most cases, we see that the reason you might see FATAL reports is because there is no data for the report created. In some cases, the dates might be an issue as well.

What do you do when you see these report statuses?

There is no reason to worry as Daton will retry all the reports that are either CANCELLED or FATAL. You can check in Seller Central if there is no data for the dates for which reports are being CANCELLED or FATAL. In case there is data on seller central, you might want to wait it out for a couple of jobs to run before raising a support ticket to support@sarasanalytics.com.

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