Release Notes

Amazon MWS ETL connector

February 2022

  • Added the GetMatchingProduct table.

  • Fixed the errors in the ListInventorySupply table.

  • Fixed the issue of not loading data with FBAStorageFeesReport.

January 2022

  • Feature request for GetMatchingProduct Report.

  • Fix for FeePreviewReport incrementing lastrundate on job cancellations.

  • Fix for Timestamp Error.

August 2021

Fixed the missing records in the ListFinanaceEvents table.

May 2021

Data leak fixes in FBAFlatFileOrdersByLastUpdateReport and nulls in FlatFileReturnsReportbyReturnDate

March 2021

  1. Follow the Generic Guidelines while creating integrations. These will help with reducing delays while processing the data. The documentation for the Generic Guidelines for configuring the connector can be found here.

  2. Datatype Changes in Reports: Following is the list of corrections required in the existing integrations: NOTE: Edit the existing integrations to drop the tables first and then add them back. This is required to be done only if these changes are required. You can leave the existing integrations as is if these changes are not required. Datatype Changes:

  • ActiveListingsReport - open_date(string to datetime), item_condition(numeric to String), Quantity_Lower_Bound_1,2,3,4,5(String to Numeric)

  • AllListingsReport - open_date(string to datetime), item_condition(numeric to String), pending_quantity(string to Integer), maximum_retail_price(string to Numeric)

  • InactiveListingsReport - open_date(string to DateTime), item_condition(numeric to String)

  • FBAStrandedInventoryReport - date_stranded(string to datetime), date_classified_as_unsellable(string to datetime)

  • OpenListingsReport - open_date(string to datetime), pending_quantity(string to Integer)

  • FlatFileOrdersByLastUpdateReport - purchase_date(string to DateTime)

  • FlatFileAllOrdersReportByLastUpdateDate - purchase_date(string to DateTime)

  • FBAPromotionsReport - shipment_date(string to DateTime)

  • FBAInventoryAgeReport - snapshot_date(string to DateTime)

  • FBAStorageFeesReport - estimated_monthly_storage_fee(string to Numeric)

Table Renames:

  • FBASmallAndLightReports to FBASmallAndLightInventoryReport

  • RestockInventoryReport to FBARestockInventoryReport

  • FlatFileOrdersByLastUpdateReport to FBAFlatFileOrdersByLastUpdateReport

Column Renames:


  • Order_Amount to Order_amount

  • Refunded_Amazon to Refunded_amazon

  • Item_Name to Item_name

  • Return_reason to Returnreason

  • Merchant_RMA_ID(New field)

  1. The list of reports, their description, and their behavior can be found in the source documentation.

  • The list of reports that require reloading to get accurate historic data is as follows. Incremental data will be accurate even without the reload after this release (18th March).

    List of tables that require reload -

    1. FBAPromotionsReport

    2. FBAMonthlyInventoryHistoryReport

    3. FBAInventoryEventDetailReport

    4. FBAInboundPerformanceReport

    5. FBAStorageFeesReport

    6. FBAReplacementsReport

    7. ReferralFeeDiscountsReport

    8. FBAReturnsReport

  • Support for historic data has been removed for snapshot reports.  Snapshot reports will process data from the date of integration. No action is required from the users.

  • Real-Time Reports:

    • Jobs for all real-time reports will have a start time of 12:00 AM (Local time) and an end time as the current time.

    • This will increase the number of duplicates but will ensure that the data is accurate.

    • The data of the previous day would be fetched until 6 AM local time to address latency from Amazon. No action will be required from the users.

    • Reload will be required only if there are differences in data for the previous months.

January 2021

  • Memory leak fixed.

  • Configuration pages revamped.

  • Added two new reports.

  • Fixed the daily inventory reports.

April 2020

  • Support for Far East region marketplaces has been added.

  • Additional reports have been introduced.

  • Rate limits have been optimized.

January 2020

Support for new APIs has been added and existing APIs have been optimized.

December 2019

Error notifications will be displayed in a user-readable message. Note: The error messages are not comprehensive and new messages would be updated for these sources when they occur.

November 2019

For FBADailyInventoryReport the increment data has been fixed.

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