Essential Attributes and Table Selection

This topic focuses on the key attributes of Daton's GA4 connector and the approach toward the customization of tables, providing crucial insights into its working status.

Essential Attributes

The following table lists some of the essential connector attributes and their details:


Release Status


Source API Version


Table Selection


Column Selection


Edit Integration


Replication Type Selection


Authentication Parameters

Google Analytics account email Google Analytics account password

Replication Type

Key Based Incremental

Replication Key


Suggested Replication Frequency

24 hrs

Table Selection

When setting up an integration with the GA4 connector in Daton, you have the flexibility to choose the specific metrics and dimensions that you want to retrieve from Google Analytics.

  • Each combination of Metrics and Dimensions would be stored as a table in the selected warehouse along with additional metadata.

  • A maximum of 9 dimensions and 10 metrics can be added to a single table.

  • Follow this link to know about the schema applied to store this data in your warehouse.

GA4 offers a wide range of metrics and dimensions that provide valuable insights into your website or app's performance. To know your dimensions and metrics combination better, follow this link.

You can select the most relevant metrics and dimensions based on your analysis requirements and business objectives. This selective data retrieval ensures that you focus on the KPIs that matter most to your organization, optimizing data storage and analysis.

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