How to find site-id/domain and create WooCommerce Consumer Key and Secret

Documentation on finding the site-id/domain and creating consumer key and consumer secret for successful integration of WooCommerce

Follow the below instructions to get required information

  • Sign in to your WordPress account

  • To get the site id for your website,

For WordPress hosted sites:

  • Click the arrow mark under My Sites in left corner. Note the WordPress site id under the WordPress site name

For self hosted websites:

  • Go to Store Management section after logging to WooCommerce plugin and note down the Domain name

  • On the navigation menu, select WooCommerce and then click Settings

  • In Advanced tab, select REST API section and click Add key button

  • Provide Description and select a User with Read permission

  • Click on Generate API key

  • Note down the Consumer key and Consumer secret which will be asked during integration

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