Release Notes

Amazon Sponsored Product ETL Connector

April 2023

Following the release of the new version 3 reporting endpoints, we are announcing the deprecation of the version 2 Sponsored Products. In effect to the same, Daton has implemented the following changes on your Amazon Ads Connector.

  • All the reports have been migrated to v3, and some new metrics are now available, including purchaseClickRate7d and costPerClick, click here to access the entire list.

  • Daton will support all the new report metrics, and we can add them in bulk for your integrations if needed. Please select load in the pop-up that appears after selecting the new columns. Note: This might affect your downstream queries. Reach out to Daton support if you have 5+ integrations to be added to the report metrics.

  • The connector now allows date ranges, eliminating the 429 errors.

  • You may expect a decrease to 10-20% of the row count before 4th May for Sponsored Products because the v3 APIs don't return the rows which have all the metrics as 0 or nulls.

Tables Added:

  • Budget recommendations and missed opportunities

  • Invoice for advertising

  • Theme-based bid suggestions

Changes in the Tables:

  • Bid plus columns are removed from campaign report tables and placement campaign reports. To maintain existing integrations, null values will be loaded.

  • The Search Term Keyword report now includes all match types (BROAD, PHASE, EXACT, TARGETING_EXPRESSION, TARGETING_EXPRESSION_PREDEFINED) previously used to load nulls for Targeting data. Please update your deduplication and downstream queries accordingly, as targeting values are no longer null and instead load the "TARGETING_EXPRESSION" value.

  • The Search Term Targeting report contains only TARGETING_EXPRESSION and TARGETING_EXPRESSION_PREDEFINED.

  • Some column data has changed; users are advised to adjust their downstream accordingly. For example, campaignBudgetType previously showed "daily" but now it is changed to "DAILY_BUDGET".

  • The search term impression share metric has been added to the Sponsored Products Keyword Recommendations table.

  • New column names have been mapped to match the old ones for better compatibility.

  • Raw tables have been updated to the v3 version.

February 2023

  • Sponsored Brands Unified Campaigns report & Unified Search term keyword report: Multi-ad accounts were not supported in the current Campaigns report table but Amazon has added support for multi-ad accounts which should properly load data for the respective tables.

  • Amazon Sponsored Products revamp is coming to support the new V3 functionality, stay tuned for the next month!

December 2022

The connector has been overhauled to provide faster replication of data, fewer errors, and enhanced handling of rate limits. These connectors will use the feature for the time being while we expand the usage of this service gradually over the next couple of quarters.

April 2022

  • Support for intraday processing

Before this release, Daton was replicating data for the current day-1. Amazon APIs now support extracting current-day data and these changes have been implemented in Daton Amazon Ads connectors.

  • Processing logic improvements for Ads to handle attribution

We've improved the mechanism used to handle attribution for Amazon Ads. With this change, we expect a reduction in delays of data caused due to timing out of data extracts when large attribution time windows are selected.

  • Added support for up to 60 days of lookback

Daton now supports a loopback window of 60 days which allows for a complete re-extract of data that is available from the Ads API. This change was needed as, in some rare cases, Amazon data was getting updated even after 30 days.

  • Added market availability check to Sponsored Display Bid Recommendation table

List of new tables

  1. SponsoredProducts_SearchTermTargetingReport (Equivalent to Targets report from Ad console)

  2. Deprecated SponsoredProducts_ProductTargetingReport

  3. SponsoredProducts_SearchTermProductTargetingReport


  • Edit your integrations and change processing to intraday, only if you need hourly data for the present date. Please note that the number of records replicated by Daton will increase with this change and can have an impact on your billing.

  • Edit your integrations and select SponsoredProductsSearchTermTargetingReport and deselect SponsoredProductsProductTargetingReport, SponsoredProducts_SearchTermProductTargetingReport.

September 2021

Duplicate data fix tables.

First Introduced: June 2021

Read more about the Amazon Sponsored Product Ads connector here.

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