Release Notes

Intercom ELT Connector

April 2022

Automated schema management has been implemented

The following new tables have been added:

  1. users

  2. subscriptiontypes

  3. counts

  4. companyusercounts

  5. companysegmentcounts

  6. companytagcounts

  7. usersegmentcounts

  8. usertagcounts

  9. conversationcounts

  10. conversationcountsadmin

February 2022

Fixed the missing data in the conversations table.

April 2021

Added the missing tables.

February 2021

New columns have been added with historic data and replication dates.

April 2020

  • Replaced Intercom with FreshChat for production support.

  • Fixes to support Relational warehouses for the connector.

February 2020

Fixes to the deals and other tables.

First Introduced: December 2019

Read more about the Intercom connector here.

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