Release Notes

Klaviyo ETL Connector

First Introduced: December 2022

About Klaviyo Connector

Klaviyo is an eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps in delivering more personalized experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web. Klaviyo has more than 75,000 paying customers.

Documentation for Klaviyo can be found here.

Tables added:

  • Metrics

  • Lists

  • Segments

  • Flows

  • Flow Actions

  • Flow Messages

  • Templates

Events added:

  • Bounced Email

  • Clicked Email

  • Clicked SMS

  • Consented To Receive SMS

  • Dropped Email

  • Failed to deliver Automated Response SMS

  • Failed to Deliver SMS

  • Marked Email as Spam

  • Merged Profile

  • Opened Email

  • Opened Push

  • Received Automated Response SMS

  • Received Email

  • Received Push

  • Received SMS

  • Sent SMS

  • Subscribed to Back in Stock

  • Subscribed to List

  • Unsubscribed

  • Unsubscribed From Lis

  • Unsubscribed From SMS

  • Updated Email Preference

  • Placed Orders

  • Canceled Order

  • Refunded Order

  • Active on Site

April 2022

  • A new table called Flows has been added.

  • Added two new columns in the flows table i.e., flow actions and flow action mail instead of adding them as separate tables.

June 2022

Updated the object 'person' for the EventsTimeLine table by adding the ‘source’ field.

November 2021

Events timeline tables missing records have been fixed.

May 2021

Fixed the emailtemplates and eventstimeline tables.

Further documentation of Klaviyo can be found here.

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