Release Notes

Amazon ETL connector

April 2022

  • All uppercase characters in table names will now be converted to lowercase.

  • Existing users: Uppercase characters will remain the same in existing tables.

  • New tables will have all lowercase names.

  • Special characters will be replaced with an underscore.

January 2022

  • Fix for zero values for the numeric datatype. #2334

  • Fix for socket exception.

December 2021

S3 source Connector schema management changes have been done.

November 2021

  • Data is not loaded into the destination, fix for empty column names.

  • Currently, Disable the Data Type and Column Inference in advanced settings is in the edit flow.

  • Fixed the java.lang.NullPointerException for some of the syncs.

June 2020

Enhancements to handle txt files with tab, and pipe delimiters.

Read more about Amazon S3 connector here.

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