Replication Methods

In this record, we will explore the different types of data replication methods used in ELT systems.

This section includes the details of the following methods:

Full Replication

Full replication involves replicating all the data from the source system to the target system. This method is commonly used when there is a need to migrate data from one system to another or to create a backup copy of the data.

Snapshot Replication

Snapshot replication involves taking a snapshot of the data at a particular point in time and replicating it to the target system. This method is useful when there is a need to replicate large amounts of data quickly. Snapshot replication is commonly used in data warehousing and business intelligence applications.

Incremental Replication

Incremental replication involves replicating only the changes made to the source data since the last replication cycle. This method is useful when dealing with large volumes of data or when the source data is frequently updated. Incremental replication helps to reduce the amount of data being replicated and reduces the time required for replication.

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