Release Notes

Amazon Selling Partner ELT connector

February 2023

  • Five new columns have been added to the FBARestockInventoryReport:

    1. Working

    2. Shipped

    3. Receiving

    4. Total_Days_of_Supply__including_units_from_open_shipments_

    5. Days_of_Supply_at_Amazon_Fulfillment_Network

  • Impossible dates like '2023-05-01' were being populated in VATTransactionsReport. Corrected the faulty date parsing.

  • API calls now start at 00:00 in reportStartTime for PromotionsPerformanceReport.

  • Corrected faulty parsing of nulls values in some mobile traffic columns in SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN, SalesAndTrafficReportByDate, and SalesAndTrafficReportyBySKU.

January 2023

  • Corrected faulty date sequencing for SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN.

  • Table-level history has been implemented.

December 2022

The rate limit manager has been implemented for the following API calls. This will result in fewer errors and faster data replication in a day.

  • Catalog Items API

  • Finances API

  • Listings API

  • Orders API

  • Product Pricing API

  • Reports API (Upcoming in the next release)

Changes in the Tables:

Brand Analytics tables added:

  • MarketBasketAnalysisReport

  • RepeatPurchaseBehaviourReport

New SKU Column added:

  • SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN

New SKU Column redacted:

  • SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN

November 2022

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

Tables added:

  • APlusContentDocument

April 2022

Support for the following non-report APIs for Amazon Selling Partner have been added:

  1. catalog-items-api

  2. listings-restrictions-api

  3. fba-inventory-api

  4. finances-api

  5. fulfillment-inbound-api

  6. orders-api

  7. product-pricing-api

  8. sales-api

  9. listings-items-api

List of new tables

  1. CatalogItemsSummary

  2. CatalogItemsVariations

  3. CatalogItemsSalesRank

  4. CatalogCategoriesForASIN

  5. CatalogCategoriesForSKU

  6. ListingsRestrictions

  7. FBAInventorySummary

  8. ListFinancialEvents

  9. ListFinancialEventGroups

  10. InboundShipments (This table has a minor issue, and we are working on it)

  11. InboundShipmentItems (This table has a minor issue, and we are working on it)

  12. ListAllFulfillmentOrders

  13. ListOrder

  14. ListOrderItems

  15. GetCompetitivePricingForSKU

  16. GetCompetitivePricingForASIN

  17. PricingForASIN

  18. OrderMetricsDaily

  19. OrderMetricsHourly

  20. ListingsItemsSummary

  21. ListingsItemsIssues

  22. ListingOffers


Edit your integrations and select new tables that are needed

June 2022

The following new reports are being supported now:

  1. PanEuropeanEligibilityFBAASINs' (only for the EU)

  2. SuppressedListingsReport

  3. ListingQualityandSuppressedListingReport

  4. PromotionsPerformanceReport

  • Enhanced report status display on Daton UI. Canceled, Fatal, Success, In Progress, and Skipped jobs can all be verified on Daton UI itself. The definitions of the various job statuses can be found in the connector documentation.

  • Increased lookback range for FBAReturnsReport, and ListFinancialEventGroups tables. This change was required to handle latency better.

May 2022

  • The Events table which was previously failing has been fixed.

  • TIMESTAMP columns that were previously being parsed as LocalDateT previously being parsed as LocalDateTime are now being populated as a TIMESTAMP data type with information on the time zone.

  • Fulfillment details are now being populated in the Orders table.

  • Resolved issue causing integrations to pause automatically without user intervention.

Jan 2022

Inventory table NullPointerException fix.

November 2021

Fixed response codes 500,502,503 in tables.

May 2021

Added new tables.

February 2021

  • Source level changes to mask messages for Notifications.

  • Meta fields have been added.

  • The UI has been changed.

April 2020

  • Price Rules API has been supported.

  • Source fixes to support Relational warehouses.

December 2019

Support for further APIs has been added (Not yet tested).

November 2019

Error notifications will be displayed in a user-readable message. These will have to be updated for all data sources.

Documentation of Amazon Selling Partner can be found here.

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