Connector Enhancements

Amazon Sponsored Brands Connector

The following unified tables have been added. The reports generated by these unified tables provide a consolidated view of performance metrics for different aspects of Amazon Sponsored Brands advertising, such as campaigns, ad groups, keywords, placements, targets, search terms, and other relevant factors.

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedKeywordsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedPlacementCampaignsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedAdGroupsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedTargetReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedPlacementKeywordsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedCampaignsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedSearchTermKeywordsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedKeywordsReport

  • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedPlacementCampaignsReport

Note: To avoid missing data, add the tables to your integrations again.

For further information, see Amazon Sponsored Brands connector.

Amazon Sponsored Products Connector

Updates Based on Amazon v3

Note that as the Amazon v3 reporting endpoints have been introduced, the v2 Sponsored products are now deprecated. Due to this, multiple changes and enhancements have been added to the Amazon Ads connector:

  • All reports have been migrated to v3. This offers new metrics such as purchaseClickRate7d and costPerClick. These metrics are fully supported and can be added in bulk to your integrations.

  • Connectors now allow date ranges which improve flexibility and eliminate 429 errors.

  • Note that there may be a 10-20% decrease in row count before May 4, 2023, as rows with all metrics as 0 or nulls are no longer returned.

  • Multiple new tables have been added. The existing tables have also been modified, such as removing bid plus columns.

  • Raw tables have been updated to v3.

The Daton team is committed to improving the Amazon Sponsored Products experience, and the updates provide advertisers with improved insights and campaign management capabilities. For more information on the updates, see the previous release notes.

Previously Deprecated Tables

The following previously deprecated tables have been paused. These tables are now inactive and cannot be accessed within our system. This ensures efficient reporting with a streamlined and optimized user experience, focusing on the most relevant and up-to-date data.

  • SponsoredProducts_SearchTermProductTargetingReport

  • SponsoredProducts_ProductTargetingReport

  • SponsoredBrands_HeadlineSearchReport

  • SponsoredBrands_SearchTermHeadlineSearchReport

  • SponsoredDisplay_SuggestedProducts

For further information, see Amazon Sponsored Products connector.

Amazon Vendor Central Connector

New features added:

  • Look Back Period: Adjust the look back period for vendor sales and inventory reports to a period based on the requirement.

  • Periodic Look Back: Use the periodic look back feature to retrieve or review data for a particular period after a given interval or a number of days. For example, if you've identified that data has changed in the past three months, you can use this capability to retrieve three months' worth of data every thirty days. You can change the designated period and the interval (number of days) after which the data is retrieved based on your requirements.

    Note: You must contact Daton support to implement or use the periodic look back feature.

Tables added:

  • CatalogItems: To trigger this table in Amazon Vendor Central, upload a file that contains the ASINs into Daton using the file upload feature. For further information, see Steps to upload your own ASIN and SKU file in Amazon SP connectors.

  • Daily vendor inventory reports

    • DailyVendorInventoryReportBySourcing

    • DailyVendorInventoryReportByManufacturing

For further information, see Amazon Vendor Central connector.

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

Table Updates:

  • ListFinancialEvents: Due to constant updates from the API for this table, we have decided to pull data for T-3, T-2, T-1, and T-5 minutes. This means that if today is May 15, the dates fetched in each job today will be May 12, May 13, May 14, and May 15 till the current time -5 minutes and the requestStartTime and requestEndTime will have a difference of 3 days.

For further information, see Amazon Selling Partner connector.

New Connectors

List of connectors that have been recently added.

1. LeadSquared v2 Connector

LeadSquared is a platform that assists businesses in acquiring and engaging customers by simplifying their marketing and sales operations. It provides various tools and functionalities to capture leads, monitor customer interactions, and enhance conversion rates. With its comprehensive suite of features, businesses can streamline their processes and maximize their marketing and sales performance.

Tables supported:

  • Users

  • Lead

  • Lists

  • Activity_Types

  • User_Attributes

  • Metadata

  • Lead_Field_Properties

  • Products

  • All_Lead

  • Opportunity_Types

  • Opportunities

  • Teams

  • Campaign_Statistics

  • Task_Types

  • Reminders

  • Tasks

For further information, see LeadSquared v2 connector.

2. Aftership v2 Connector

The AfterShip platform is used for tracking shipments that assist businesses and individuals in monitoring the progress of their packages and deliveries. In addition, the platform helps gather tracking details from various carriers, delivers timely updates to customers, promotes transparency, and enhances the post-purchase journey.

Tables supported:

  • Couriers

  • Trackings

  • User_Activated_Couriers

For further information, see Aftership v2 connector.

3. Intercom v2 Connector

The Intercom platform is used for customer messaging that empowers businesses to engage and communicate with their customers in a personalized and instantaneous way. It provides various tools and functionalities that facilitate customer support, sales, and marketing interactions.

Tables supported:

  • Admins

  • Scroll_Companies

  • Data_Attributes

  • Tags

  • Subscription_Types

  • Segments

  • Articles

  • Help_Center_Collection

  • Contacts

For further information, see Intercom v2 connector.

4. EasyEcom v2 Connector

The all-inclusive platform, EasyEcom, is used for e-commerce operations and is meticulously crafted to simplify and automate various elements of running an online business. It presents multiple features and tools that seamlessly optimize inventory management, order fulfillment, multi-channel selling, and analytics, ensuring a smoother and more efficient business operation.

Tables supported:

  • Customers

  • Products

  • Purchase_Orders

  • Returns

  • Inventory_Details

  • Inventory_Snapshots

  • Orders

For further information, see EasyEcom v2 connector.

5. Gorgias v2 Connector

The Gorgias platform is used for customer support and helpdesk, strategically built to streamline and automate customer service operations tailored explicitly for e-commerce businesses. It presents a unified system to effectively manage customer inquiries from various channels, encompassing a wide range of features that enhance the efficiency and productivity of customer support processes.

Tables supported:

  • Customers

  • Custom_Field

  • Events

  • Integration

  • Jobs

  • Rules

  • Surveys

  • Users

  • Teams

  • Tags

  • Tickets

  • Messages

  • Views

  • Widgets

For further information, see Gorgias v2 connector.

6. Mercado Libre Connector

The Mercado Libre platform is an online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America, encompassing a vast network of 18 countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, and Peru. With an impressive over 843 million active user base, it is the region's most prominent platform for online trade and financial transactions.

Tables supported:

  • orders: The table gets the seller's payment, cancellation, and order performance data. Other tables will be added in subsequent releases.

For further information, see Mercado Libre connector.

7. Dear Connector

DEAR (rebranded as Cin7 Core after its acquisition by Cin7) is an application that democratizes enterprise-level functionalities such as inventory management, manufacturing, sales integration, reporting, and automation for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can effortlessly access and leverage valuable information about efficient inventory management processes by utilizing the comprehensive tables available.

Table supported:

  • accounts

  • customers

  • suppliers

  • transactions

  • products

  • product_availability_list

  • brands

  • tax

  • carriers

  • payment_terms

  • locations

  • disassembly_lists

  • finished_goods_lists

  • inventory_write_off_lists

  • sale_list

  • purchase_list

For further information, see Dear connector.

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