Platform Enhancements

Source level changes

  • The ActiveListingsReport will be used as the default reference table for ASINs and SKUs in the upcoming integrations. This will also be in effect for the integrations with this report that are already selected in the list of tables. For integrations without this table being added, AllListingsReport will continue to be the reference table for ASINs and SKUs.

  • A new Belgium marketplace has been added.

Faulty passing of groupIDs for the ListFinancialEventsByGroupId has been corrected as null.

Deprecated Tables & Reports

New and existing integrations will be unable to add the following tables if not already added.

  1. SalesAndTrafficReportByDate SalesAndTrafficReportByParentASIN For the existing tables, support for these reports will be slowly discontinued.

    SalesAndTrafficReportByChildAsin will be the only supported report.

  2. FBADailyInventoryHistoryReport FBAMonthlyInventoryHistoryReport FBAInventoryEventDetailReport FBAInventoryAdjustmentsReport FBAInventoryReconciliationReport FBAReceivedInventoryReport FBAInventoryHealthReport FBAInventoryAgeReport

    For the existing tables, support for these reports will be slowly discontinued.

    The replacement tables are available on Daton under the name:

    InventoryLedgerSummaryReport InventoryLedgerDetailedReport FBAManageInventoryHealthReport

  3. ListingQualityAndSuppressedListingsReport

    For the existing tables, support for these reports will be slowly discontinued. The replacement table is available on Daton under the name SuppressedListingsReport.

Learn more about the Business Reports and Deprecated Inventory Reports in the Documentation of Daton.

Connector Enhancements

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

Tables added:

  • APlusContentDocument

Amazon Vendor Central Connector

Tables added:

  • PromotionsPerformanceReport

  • APlusContentDocument

NEW Connectors Added!

Calendly Connector

About Calendly Connector

Calendly is a scheduling automation platform for meetings, appointments, and events. They have more than 10 million customers and offer direct integrations with a wide range of business apps, including CRM and sales tools, marketing tools, video conferencing, payment processing and analytics.

Documentation for Calendly can be found here.

Tables added:

  • Scheduled Events

  • Event Invitees

  • Event Types

  • Organization Membership

  • Organization Invitations

Gladly Connector

About Gladly Connector

Gladly is a radically personal customer service platform and the only one built around people, not cases or tickets. We turn customer service agents into heroes by giving them one lifelong, channel-independent conversation with all the context needed to build lasting connections and loyalty.

Tables added:

  • Agents

  • Customers

  • Conversations

  • Topics

  • Teams

Documentation for Gladly can be found here.

BigCommerce V2 Connector

About BigCommerce V2 Connector

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that provides software as a service to retailers. The company's platform includes online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, and marketing and security for small to Enterprise sized businesses.

Tables added:

  • Orders

  • Products

  • product_images

  • product_reviews

  • product_variants

  • Catalog

  • Brands

  • Categories

  • Storecurrency

  • Subscribers

  • Pricelists

  • Banners

  • Coupons

  • orders_coupons

  • order_products

  • order_shipping_address

  • shipping_quotes

  • orders_metafields

  • Shipments

  • Customers

Documentation for BigCommerce V2 can be found here.

Bol Ads Connector

About Bol Ads Connector

BOL Ads is the advertising arm of BOL. By using Sponsored Products, you bring your products to the top of the search results. Visitors of see your products faster, increasing the chances of conversion. On this page, you can read more about the possibilities of advertising on and what it can do for your brand.

Tables added:

  • Campaigns

  • Ad groups

  • Target Products

  • Campaign Performance

  • Product Performance

  • Ad group Performance

  • Search term Performance

Documentation for Bol Ads can be found here.

Mailchimp Connector

About Mailchimp Connector

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform, that offers a selection of automated tools businesses can use to reach their growth goals. Mailchimp began as an email marketing service and still offers some of the most robust email marketing tools on the market.

Tables added:

  • Campaigns

  • Connected Sites

  • Ecommerce Stores

  • Cart

  • Customers

  • Products

  • Product variants

  • Promo Rules

  • Promo Codes

  • Orders

  • Facebook Ads

  • Lists

  • Abuse Reports

  • Activity

  • Clients

  • Growth History

  • Interest Categories

  • Locations

  • Merge Fields

  • Segments

  • Landing Pages

  • Campaign Reports

  • Campaign Abuse

  • Campaign Open Reports

  • Campaign Clicks

  • Campaign Email Domain Performance

  • Campaign Product Activity

  • Campaign Email Activity

  • Campaign Locations

  • Campaign Sent To

  • Campaign Sub Reports

  • Campaign Unsubscribes

  • Campaign Advice reports

Documentation for MailChimp can be found here.

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