October and November

We are excited to share the October and November release notes for Daton. This release brings improvements to both features and stability, ensuring a smoother and more powerful user experience.

We have updated the format of our release notes to better organize the information. You will now find two main sections:

We highly value your engagement and invite you to explore the latest updates in Daton by reviewing both sections. Your insights and opinions are crucial to us. Should you have any queries or ideas to share, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, you can reach out to our customer support team at support@sarasanalytics.com for personalized assistance.

What’s New in Daton?

Get ready to supercharge your analytics! This October and November release brings a wave of exciting updates to Daton’s connector ecosystem. We’ve been busy polishing existing connections, making them faster and more reliable. Plus, we’re thrilled to unveil a brand-new lineup of connectors that opens up a world of fresh data sources for you to explore.

Dive into the dedicated sub-sections to explore the details:

  • Connector Enhancements: Discover how we’ve streamlined your workflows, eliminated those nagging bugs, and taken your favourite connectors to the next level of performance.

  • New Connectors: We’re constantly expanding our connector library. Check out the latest additions that let you integrate Daton with even more data sources.

Connector Enhancements

1. Amazon Sponsored Brands

We migrated all Sponsored Brands and their dependent tables to v4. These tables will now also include data for multi-ad group campaigns, which previously were missing.

Migrated Table Names:

  • SponsoredBrands_KeywordRecommendations

  • SponsoredBrands_BudgetRulesRecommendation

  • SponsoredBrands_NegativeTargets

  • SponsoredBrands_TargetingRecommendations

  • SponsoredBrands_BudgetUsage

  • SponsoredBrands_BidRecommendations

Users does not need to take any action. All tables will automatically upgrade to the new version.

2. Amazon Vendor Central

We have made minor pipeline enhancements for the tables released in August. These improvements optimize the utilization of real-time data.

Designated Table Names:

  • VendorRealTimeSalesReport

  • VendorRealTimeTrafficReport

  • VendorRealTimeInventoryReport

For more information, see Real Time Reports.

3. Amazon Selling Partner

Selling Partner, we have now successfully moved all integrations in production to our revamped code. We have added the following new tables during the same:

  • BrowseTreeReport

  • XMLAllOrdersReportByLastUpdate

  • RemoteFulfillmentEligibilityReport

  • FBALongTermStorageFeesReport

  • FlatFileArchivedOrdersReport

4. Yotpo

  • Addition of Loyalty APIs: The Yotpo connector now supports loyalty APIs, enabling users to retrieve information about all customers who might have engaged in the loyalty program. Some common use cases for the Yotpo Loyalty API include:

    • Data Analysis: Loyalty API provides access to data related to user engagement, points earned, and rewards redeemed.

    • Market Strategies: It enables businesses to create more targeted and effective market strategies.

    • Personalization: Helps in personalizing the loyalty experience for users.

  • New Tables Added:

    • All Customers

    • Customer Details

    • Recent Customers

    • Active Campaign

    • Active Redemption Options

    • VIP Tiers

5. LeadSquared CRM

New Tables Added:

  • Custom Field

  • Activities

6. Impact

New Tables Added:

  • Report Metadata

7. Shiphero

We have implemented a restructuring of the data model for improved data organization. Initially merged into two tables, orders and shipments, these have now been separated into four distinct tables.

  • Shipments Table:

    1. shipment

    2. shipment_line_items

  • Orders Table:

    1. order

    2. order_line_items

8 Fairing and GoFlow

Added Action Script and Credentials Validator: These additions provide efficiency gains, bolster security, and contribute to a more scalable and adaptable system.

9. Taboola

  • Added Entity: Added extra entity to select account_id directly.

  • New Tables Added:

    • AllCampaginsItems

    • AllConvertionRules

    • AllCustomAudience

    • CampaignSummaryReport

    • RealTimeReport

    • RealTimeAdsReport

10. Teamwork

Migrated Old Services to New Services: Teamwork Connector has undergone a migration of old services to new services, resulting in notable improvements.

The improvements include:

  • Shift in authentication method from Basic to OAuth, enhancing security and user access controls.

  • We have updated the action script to align with these advancements, ensuring a seamless and secure integration experience.

11. Unbounce

  • Migrated Old Services to New Services: Migrating old services to new services has resulted in significant improvements, enhancing the overall performance and functionality of Unbounce.

  • Updated All Tables to EST: We have updated all tables to Eastern Standard Time (EST), providing users with accurate and synchronized time-related data.

New Connectors

New ConnectorDescriptionRelated Document

Azure One Lake (Destination)

Azure One Lake is a scalable and secure data lake storage service designed to facilitate data storage, management, and processing, making it ideal for handling large volumes of diverse data types.

For more information, see https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/fabric/onelake/onelake-overview.

Hubspot v2

HubSpot is an integrated marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. For more information, see https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/overview.

Outbrain v2

Outbrain is a digital advertising platform that specializes in content discovery and recommendation services. It helps publishers, advertisers, and marketers promote their content and reach a wider audience. For more information, see https://amplifyv01.docs.apiary.io/#.

Prodco AnaIytics

Prodco Analytics provides a full suite of in-store analytics, offering more comprehensive data such as draw rates, path mapping, zone density, and dwell times. It offers a comprehensive brick-and-mortar solution for organizations to measure the impact of business change, marketing events, and other in-store activities.

For more information, see https://api.prodcotech.com/apidoc/.


SkuVault is a comprehensive inventory and warehouse management platform designed to streamline and optimize inventory operations for businesses. For more information, see https://dev.skuvault.com/reference/.

Email Attachment

The Email Attachment Connector is a feature within Daton that simplifies saving CSV files to your chosen destination. This connector streamlines the extraction of one or more attachments from incoming emails, parses the data contained within these attachments, and seamlessly uploads it to your specified destination.


Typeform is a versatile online survey and form-building platform that allows individuals and organizations to create interactive and engaging forms, surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires. For more information, see https://www.typeform.com/developers/.


Rippling is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and automate HR, IT, and employee management for businesses. It offers a suite of tools and features for employee onboarding, payroll management, benefits administration, and IT provisioning. For more information, see https://developer.rippling.com/.

Known Issues in Daton

We are committed to delivering a reliable platform. This section transparently lists any known issues encountered during the October and November release, along with the fixes we’ve implemented to address them. These fixes cover various areas, including data processing errors, API inconsistencies, and interface glitches.

Data Source NameIssueFix

Amazon Ads

Issue impacting certain tables in the Amazon Ads integration:

Job failures occurred because of token expiration during execution, happening specifically one hour after generation.

To remedy this, we have implemented a fix that ensures tokens are now dynamically refreshed multiple times within a job.

This enhancement ensures the successful execution of all jobs, preventing disruptions and allowing seamless data loading for all users. We encourage users to review the updated documentation for additional details regarding this bug fix.

Amazon Vendor Central

Issue related to monthly reports failing with an invalid input error in the Vendor Central integration.

We have addressed the bug by modifying the API call to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) instead of a time zone offset. As a result, we effectively fixed tables that were previously experiencing failures.

Importantly, this fix ensures there is no risk of data loss during the monthly reporting process. We encourage users to refer to the updated documentation for further insights into this bug fix.

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