Platform Enhancements

  1. Added user Authentication based on firebase (#1683).

  2. Now free trial starts automatically (#1738).

  3. Multi Warehouse support backend changes have been done (#1682).

  4. Long-running job alerts (#1670).

  5. DateTime and Timestamp changes are based on the destination warehouse (#1727).

  6. SSH connectivity support has been added for the PostgreSQL source (#1655).

  7. My Account Page Billing details fix (#973).

  8. Snowflake Upsert and Data Processing fixes (#1645).

  9. PostgreSQL source addition of BIGINT replication key (#1686).

  10. Duplicate column checks while creating integrations (#1654).

  11. Authorization fixes for organization users on the integrations page (#1691).

  12. Display full table names when selecting tables in the UI table selection step (#1691).

  13. Integration details status fix (#1713).

  14. Utility to update source settings (#1609).

  15. Daton UI fixes while editing an integration (#1642).

  16. Re-send user invite when adding organization users (#1625).

  17. Deselect all tables when selecting tables in the UI table selection step (#1632).

Upcoming Releases

  1. Amazon Ads - ETA: 25th June 2021

NEW Connectors to Expect!

  1. Sponsored Products

  2. Sponsored Brands

  3. Sponsored Display

Platform Enhancements to Expect!

Support for the following entities will be added shortly:

  1. ASIN or Advertised Product reports

  2. Keyword video reports

  3. β€˜New to Brand’ metrics

Connector Enhancements

Google Sheets Connector

Upsert fixes (#1703).

Unicommerce Connector

OrderDate as ddmmyyyyhhMMss format for sales order and columns name changes in the Inventory snapshot table (#1737, #1735, #1706).

GoogleMyBusiness Connector

UI fixes to delete and edit custom tables (#1644).

Amazon Ads Connector:

  • Add support for the '-' match type in search term reports (#1547).

  • Fix for attribution profiles (#1556).

  • Days navigation UI fixes. (#1714)

Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand attribution

Days navigation UI fixes (#1714).

NEW Connectors Added!

Prestashop (#1298)

Loadedcommerce (#1298)

OSCommerce (#1298)

Woocommerce (#1298)

Google My Business (#1644)

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