Platform Enhancements

  1. Table-level reloads have been added to all the sources. Tables would be truncated and data would be fetched again as per the configuration.

  2. The enclosed status of all sources has been developed. The ones in green are ready to use.

  3. Issues with notifications and subscriptions have been fixed.

  4. UI fixes in Google Analytics have been applied to avoid duplicate selection.

  5. Several fixes for sources like Optimove, Freshbooks, Bing Ads, Freshdesk, and Adwords have been adjusted.

Connector Enhancements

Google Analytics Connector

  • Multi-account selection feature has been added.

  • Multi-table selection feature has been added (Can create multiple combinations of dimensions and metrics in the same integration). This will ease the token issues.

  • Added support for custom metrics and dimensions

  • Table-level reloads have been made available. Tables will be truncated and data will be fetched again as per this configuration.

Unicommerce Connector

New APIs have been introduced to support sell-through rate calculation (a requirement from TLL).

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