The August 2023 release enhances the performance of existing connectors, adds new connector support, and continues helping businesses optimize analytics and make data-driven decisions.

Here are the sections included in the release notes:

Connector Enhancements

1. Amazon Sponsored Brands

  • SKU column selection issue fixed

    • The issue with the SKU column getting unselected during cloning integrations or when using templates has been fixed. Now, you can seamlessly clone or create integrations using templates without losing the SKU column data.

  • Enhanced Reporting with campaignId and adGroupId columns

    • The following two columns have been added to SponsoredBrands_PurchasedProductReport:

      • campaignId

      • adGroupId

      This enhancement provides more granular insights into your Amazon Sponsored Brands campaigns, allowing for more in-depth analysis and optimization.

For further information, see Amazon Sponsored Brands connector.

2. Amazon Marketing Cloud Connector

The following table provides the list of new features that have been added:

For further information, see Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) connector.

3. Amazon Vendor Central:

Three new real-time reports have been added to provide valuable information for rapid retail analytics. These reports have been added based on customer recommendations. The following newly supported tables offer you these real-time reports:

For further information, see Amazon Vendor Central connector.

4. Amazon Selling Partner

  • TSV parsing bugs in Inventory Ledger Reports have been fixed.

Note: This bug fix might affect previous tables. We advise users to review and validate the data in their tables before August 25, 2023, to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

For further information, see Amazon Selling Partner connector.

5. Shopify

The following are the new tables added to the Shopify connector. These tables provide an enhanced, in-depth analysis of your Shopify data.

For further information, see Shopify connector.

6. Gladly

ContactExportReport has been updated to ContactExportReportV2. This updated report includes the Fulfilled within Business Hours column. This column provides crucial information about the timeliness of contact fulfillment, allowing more comprehensive and insightful reporting.

Note: As part of this transition to an updated report, the existing ContactExportReport will be sunsetted and no longer available after August 31, 2023. To ensure continuity in data reporting and to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered byContactExportReportV2, we prompt you to make the necessary updates and adjustments to your systems and workflows.

For further information, see Gladly connector.


The following new table has been added:

For further information, see MNTN connector.

New Connectors

List of connectors that have been recently added.

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