The December 2023 release enhances the performance of Daton by adding new connector support and continues helping businesses optimize analytics and make data-driven decisions.

As we approach the year’s conclusion, Daton’s December release signifies a pivotal moment with essential updates to the connector ecosystem. Within dedicated sub-sections, we invite users to delve into the intricacies of enhanced connectors, streamlined workflows, bug resolutions, and the latest additions to the connector library. This ensures a seamless integration experience with an expanded array of data sources.

We divided the release notes into two main sub-sections for your clarity and ease of navigation.

What’s New in Daton?

We are pleased to announce significant updates to our connector ecosystem, focusing on refining existing connections for improved speed and reliability. Additionally, we are excited to introduce a connector, broadening the spectrum of available data sources for your exploration. This section includes:

This section includes:

  • Connector Enhancements: Discover how we’ve streamlined your workflows, eliminated those nagging bugs, and take your favorite connectors to the next level of performance.

  • New Connectors: We are constantly expanding our connector library. Check out the latest additions that let you integrate Daton with even more data sources

Connector Enhancements


We have improved the Rainforest connector by adding the following two tables:

New Connector

Known Issues in Daton

We are committed to delivering a reliable platform. This section transparently lists any known issues encountered during the December release and the fixes we’ve implemented to address them.

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