Connector Enhancements

1. Both Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands Connector

The top of search impression field is now included in both the Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands connectors, providing you with a clear view of the percentage of impressions obtained for your targets within campaigns, specifically in the top-of-search results.

A higher top-of-search impression share indicates that your ad is more visible to users at the top of the search results, potentially leading to increased clicks and conversions. Monitoring this field can help you assess the effectiveness of your targeting and ad placement strategies, allowing you to optimize your campaigns for better performance.

The top of search impression field has been applied to the following tables:

  1. Sponsored Products Connector:

    • SponsoredProducts_CampaignsReport

    • SponsoredProducts_TargetingReport

  2. Sponsored Brands Connector:

    • SponsoredBrands_CampaignsReport

    • SponsoredBrands_CampaignsVideoReport

    • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedCampaignsReport

    • SponsoredBrands_KeywordsReport

    • SponsoredBrands_KeywordsVideoReport

    • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedKeywordsReport

    • SponsoredBrands_TargetReport

    • SponsoredBrands_TargetVideoReport

    • SponsoredBrands_UnifiedTargetReport

2. Amazon Sponsored Products Connector

The following match types have been added to the Sponsored Product Targeting Report table:

  • Broad

  • Phrase

  • Exact

With these additional match types, you can access comprehensive targeting data for all your campaigns, empowering you to optimize your ad strategies effectively.

For further information, see Amazon Sponsored Products Connector.

3. Amazon Sponsored Brands Connector

A new table, SponsoredBrands_AdsList, has been added to provide a comprehensive list of all your Sponsored Brands' data at the ad level. In addition, within the creative column, you will find a sub-column called type, indicating whether it is a video or non-video campaign. This helpful feature allows seamless integration with unified tables, enabling efficient segregation based on ad types.

For further information, see Amazon Sponsored Brand Connector.

4. Mercado Libre Connector

The Mercado Libre Connector now includes three new tables, improving data capabilities for your e-commerce operations:

  • inventory_items: Enables you to efficiently track and manage your seller's inventory, giving you real-time visibility into stock levels and availability.

  • seller_promotions: Delivers detailed information about the campaigns that sellers must have used, facilitating data-driven decisions to optimize sales strategies.

  • shipments: Provides essential shipment-related information for all orders, facilitating better order management and streamlining logistics and fulfillment processes.

For further information, see Mercado Libre Connector.

New Connector

List of connectors that have been recently added.

1. Amazon Brand Metrics Connector

Amazon Brand Metrics is a measurement solution that quantifies brand opportunities at each customer journey stage within Amazon's store. It provides valuable insights into shopping engagements impacting consideration and sales. Access to awareness and consideration indices helps you optimize your brand presence and customer engagement on Amazon.

For further information, see Amazon Brand Metrics Connector.

2. GA4 Connector

Google Analytics is a Google web analytics service that provides insights on website and app traffic. It assists organizations in understanding user behavior, tracking performance, and making data-driven decisions that lead to online success.

When you choose the GA4 connector over the existing Google Analytics connector, you can integrate multiple tables (combinations of metrics and dimensions) in a single integration. Furthermore, GA4 supports up to nine dimensions and ten metrics in a single table. This selective data retrieval guarantees that you focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to your organization, optimizing data storage and analysis.

For further information, see GA4 Connector.

3. Anvyl Connector

Anvyl is a supply chain visibility platform that helps consumer brands manage and automate their entire purchase order (PO) process. Anvyl streamlines the tracking, management, automation, and sharing of all aspects linked to PO issuance and delivery to the warehouse for operational and production teams in the consumer brand business.

For further information, see Anvyl Connector.

4. Northbeam Connector

Northbeam is a dynamic ad attribution platform for media buyers, business executives, and marketing agencies looking for detailed insights into the performance of their advertising expenditures. Users can utilize Northbeam to assess better the success of their advertising and design methods for efficient growth.

For further information, see Northbeam Connector.

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