Platform Enhancements

  1. Generic Webhooks implementation. #1216

  2. Platform schema management for detection of new columns. #1741, #1743, #1746, #1747, #1781, #1795

  3. Platform changes for continuous job execution. #2047

  4. Facebook upgraded API, SDK & App to V12. #2062

  5. UI

    • Now, the UI Clone integration forces the user to enter a unique name before authentication. #2008, #2037

    • Disabled the 'Save changes' button under the profile for personal details. #2122

    • Search by source type has been added. #2204

    • The platform now shows an error message from the source transaction table on the integration details page. #2154

Connector Enhancements

Salesforce Connector

  • Add Billing Columns in the Accounts Table. #2075

  • Timestamp fix with date columns, removing unnecessary records. #2067, #2026

Amazon Seller Partner Connector

  • The re-authenticate option has been added. #2171

  • Fix for errors in the Financial Events table. #2131

  • Dates missing in attribution logic if integrations are paused for a few dates. #2054

  • Rate limit handling for ListOrder table. #2079

Shopify Connector

  • Fixed response codes 500,502,503 in tables. #2023

Amazon Ads Connector

  • Fixed the missing entries in columns. #2015

  • Fixed UnknownHostException for amazon integrations. #2129

Amazon DSP Connector

  • Fix for no active Ad Account. #2072

Bingads Connector

  • Column sdcreport_datetime does not exist in the report file. #2018

Facebook Ads Connector

  • Fix for the account of the relation facebook51187416ads_adlabels column. #2016

Unicommerce Connector

  • Added the new table Invetorysnapshot_v2 and updated the refresh token handling. #2028

Shiprocket Connector

  • Added a new table NRD. #1721

BigCommerce Connector

  • A fix for Coupons the table has been done. #2052

Amazon Redshift Connector

  • Added replication fields while creating integration. #2102

Aftership Connector

  • Added the msg.record columns in the tracking table. #2125

ZohoDesk Connector

  • The previous schema gets lost while trying to edit integration and canceling it in between. #2151

Infusionsoft Connector

  • The opportunity table was not loading data due to rate limits and the issue is fixed now. #2130

Amazon S3 Connector

  • Fixed the java.lang.NullPointerException for some of the syncs. #2161

  • Currently, Disable the Data Type and Column Inference in advanced settings is in the edit flow. #2173

  • Data is not loaded into the destination, fix for empty column names. #2186

Upscribe Connector

  • The integration fix for the timestamp has been done. #2191

Recharge Connector

  • The issue of replicated data getting updated, but no data being loaded has been fixed. #1845

Amazon MWS Connector

For FBADailyInventoryReport the increment data has been fixed. #2206

Walmart Connector

The Timestamp error has been fixed. #2187

Adwords Connector

A change to authenticate button according to google branding guidelines has been done. #2144

Aircall Connector

Most of the tables are given a fix for timeout errors. #2146

Klaviyo Connector

Events timeline tables missing records have been fixed. #2145

Hubspot Connector

Renew token for long-running tables has been provided. #2124

New Connectors Added!

Reamaze #2103.

Smartrr #1633.

RDSPostgres #1984.

RDSMysql #1976.

GCPMysql #1983.

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