Platform Enhancements

  1. Job email alerts have been initiated (#1676).

  2. Kafka partition updated for load balancing and the memory leak (#1843).

  3. UI:

    • Additional primary key added in the edit flow (#1786).

    • Primary Key selected by default and mandatory for upsert to all the sources (#1816, #1658, #1786).

  4. User Action

    Edit Amazon Ads integrations to update required attribution offsets.

  5. Added support for the following options through Daton UI.

    Look back until

    1. Daton will repeat the data every day until the selected number of days.

    2. Note that data with this option will be closer to metrics that you see on the Amazon Ad console.

    3. The volume of data extracted every day would be higher.

    Look back after

    1. Daton will repeat the data after a specified number of days.

    2. Users can select multiple days with this option E.g., Repeat after 8, 15, or 31 days.

  6. Added support for 30-day attribution metrics in Daton. And look back period for data replication is extended up to 31 days.

Connector Enhancements

  1. Unicommerce Connector: Data missing fix for the Sales order table has been done (#1790).

  2. Adwords Connector: GEOPERFORMANCEREPORT fix (#1725).

  3. Amazon Sponsored Products Connector: Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand report status fixed on the job details page (#1782).

  4. Amazon Ads Connector: Added the Campaign State Filter field to all the reports (#1559).

  5. Helpscout Connector: Fix for replicated up-to-date (last record in source log) has been done (#1753).

  6. Helpscout Connector: A fix for missing data in the conversationThreads table has been done (#1744).

  7. Recharge Connector: A fix to add two tables (charges and discounts) has been done (#1710).

  8. Google Analytics Connector: Request to load month-level data of the existing and new users (#1779).

  9. Amazon Sponsored Display Connector: The request to add a new table of Recommended products and Recommended categories have been completed (#1787, #1800).

  10. Amazon Ads Connector: The request to add new reports and new columns has been completed (#1717, #1785).

  11. Amazon Ads Connector: Request to add a bid for the Sponsored Products BiddableKeyword table has been completed (#1718).

  12. BingAds Connector: Added Time period column to Campaignperformancereport and Accountperformancereport tables (#1728).

  13. Salesforce Connector: Data type fix (#1599).

  14. GoogleMyBusiness Connector: API fix (#1661).

NEW Connectors Added!

  1. SpreeCommerce (#1755)

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