Platform Enhancements

Newly added features

The S3 destination connector has been upgraded to achieve more flexible data lake deployments.

The parameters include:

  1. Object Key Prefix The object key prefix field now supports path variables. For example: โ€˜data/source/Facebookโ€™ defines a more granular loading of data.

  2. Optional Elements for Object Key Timestamp variables can be added to the loading path by using this capability.

Template as a feature โ€“ BETA RELEASE

โ€œTemplatesโ€ is a new beta feature in this release.

Currently, the functionality is in beta with a limited set of customers and will be made generally available for all enterprise customers.

Two kinds of templates are possible:

  1. Saras Templates โ€“ available to all customers These templates are defined by Saras Analytics to serve as a quick start for customers looking for standard or more commonly used configurations. More such templates for various commonly used sources will be added in the upcoming releases.

  2. Custom Templates โ€“ available only to enterprise customers Custom templates enable creating of custom connector configurations, centrally managing configurations, and create/manage integrations that inherit the setups from these custom configurations.

Destination Enhancements

Tables were getting created with '_1' as the suffix even in cases where tables shouldn't have any suffixes. This issue has been identified and resolved for Snowflake, Redshift, PostgreSQL, and MySQL destinations.

Connector Enhancements

Walmart Connector

  1. Issue with the WFSInventory table has been resolved.

  2. The following on-request reports have been added:

    • Item Report

    • Shipping program report

    • Shipping configuration report

    • CPA report

    • Return overrides report

    • Promo report

    • Item performance report

    • Delivery defect report

    • Cancellation Report

    • Inventory Report

Infusionsoft Connector

The Contact Tags table has been added.

Amazon Sources

UI enhancements to identify jobs with different statuses.

BigCommerce Connector

Optimized to handle larger volumes of data within short time slices.

Salesforce Connector

Issues with the Account table filing intermittently have been resolved.

Aircall Connector

Multiple issues have been resolved and the connector is now out of beta.

NEW Connectors added!

GCS Destination

About GCS Destination Connector

GCS can be used for data lake deployments in the Google Cloud Platform.

Documentation for GCS Destination can be found here.

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