Connector Enhancements

Amazon Vendor Central Connector (BETA RELEASE)

New report tables have been added:

  • MonthlyVendorInventoryReportByManufacturing

  • MonthlyVendorInventoryReportBySourcing

  • RetailProcurementOrders

Documentation for Amazon Vendor Central can be found here.

NEW Connectors added! Connector

About Connector helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and the Shopify store. Additionally, social proof from reviews increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement.

The following tables have been provided:

  • Reviews

  • Orders

  • Line Items

  • Products

Documentation for the connector can be found here.

EnquireLabs Connector

About EnquireLabs Connector

EnquireLabs is an attribution survey tool designed to improve attribution by seeking information from your customers. It sheds light on sales sources that may not be trackable through pixels.

The following tables have been provided:

  • Questions

  • Responses

Documentation for the EnquireLabs connector can be found here.

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