Connector Enhancements

Shopify connector

Tables Added

  • gift_cards

This table is exclusive for the Shopify Plus users and requires read_gift_cards scope. This scope allows access to create, retrieve, and update data of gift cards from a store. Once the scope is enabled, users must reach out to their Merchant Success Manager to enable this gift_cards API for Daton, to pull this data.

Gladly Connector

The tables Conversations and Customers; previously these two tables used to fetch only 24 hrs data. In the current update, these tables have been modified to fetch historic data as well.

The objective is to provide users with a variety of configurable reports to analyze the data and make recommendations for future improvements (if required).

Walmart Connector

Recon Reports have been added

By using the Reconciliation Reports API, sellers can easily compare their accounting records with the data collected from Walmart, identify any discrepancies, and take appropriate action to resolve them.

This indulges verification of data during data migration and helps to ensure accurate accounting and financial reporting.

NEW Connectors Added!

EasyPost Connector

About EasyPost Connector

EasyPost is a platform that simplifies the shipping process for businesses by providing a centralized platform that connects them to multiple shipping carriers and streamlines their shipping operations.

Tables Added:

  • Shipments

Click here to read the documentation of the EasyPost Connector.

Skubana Connector

About Skubana Connector

Skubana aka Extensiv Order Manager is a comprehensive platform that helps e-commerce businesses streamline their operations and grow their sales. The platform also enables businesses to automate their order management processes, from receiving orders to shipping them out to customers.

Tables Added:

  • Orders

  • Returns

Click here to read the documentation of the Skubana Connector.

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