Platform Enhancements

  • UI - Now, users are able to change the upsert and unnest settings in the UI edit flow.

  • RDSMySQL destination - When the column name exceeds 63 characters, an alternate standardized column name will be provided, and the original column name will be preserved in the Daton metadata table.

  • Improved handling of nested data in records in file sources.

  • Fixed issues with data types in the "Daton" Connector

Notification Infrastructure Improvement

As a part of our ongoing efforts to create a better experience with Daton, we have made significant improvements to our underlying notification infrastructure. With this improvement, we will be in a position to launch new functionalities in our notification module faster.

Launching Groups Functionality

  • We've launched a new functionality to enable users to create groups and assign a set of connectors to groups.

  • By default, all existing connectors will be rolled under a default group which is named after the company name used while creating the account.

  • UI elements have been added that allow users to create and manage groups and assign integrations to these groups.

  • This functionality will be useful for our multi-brand customers who can now configure groups and use the groups for downstream data modeling activities and understand usage by brand and other such use cases.

Common attribution implementation for Ad sources

  • Attribution is a common problem for all Ad sources.

  • So far, we have been implementing attribution at an individual source level.

  • With this release, we've launched a platform capability to handle attribution as a common implementation that can be used across ad sources.

  • In the upcoming releases, ad sources will be upgraded to benefit from the performance optimizations implemented in the common attribution module.

Issue with stuck jobs

  • Certain pipelines (Jobs for tables) were getting scheduled but not getting picked up for processing, causing data delays. This issue was impacting a small fraction of the overall jobs.

  • We've released improvements to the pipeline to detect these stuck pipelines and process them automatically. We expect this change to reduce the instances of delay in data replication.

JSON and VARIANT data types added to RDSMySQL and Snowflake respectively

  • A record was been stored as a LONGTEXT in RDSMySQL and as a VARCHAR in Snowflake.

  • In this release, an option to store records as a JSON in RDSMySQL and as a VARIANT in Snowflake apart from the aforementioned data types has been introduced.

  • This option is available while setting up/editing the destination warehouse (RDSMySQL or Snowflake) only and will affect all tables in the warehouse.

PostgreSQL has been migrated from an on-premises database to Cloud SQL.

Upcoming Enhancements

Table Level Scheduling & History Selection

(for customers in Business and Enterprise plans)

Platform capability to allow table-level history and frequency selection has been added to Daton. UI work is pending and will be completed in the next release.

Data Delay Alerts

  • We are working on alerting mechanisms to detect issues that cause data delays.

  • With this feature, we will be able to alert customers of issues in their pipelines better.

  • Initially, this feature will be available for the internal support team during the month of May 2022.

  • Once we streamline notifications for these alerts, we expose this functionally to customers. ETA is June 2022.

  • We will be working on this improvement through 2022.

Connector Enhancements

Klaviyo Connector

  • A new table called Flows has been added.

  • Added two new columns in the flows table i.e., flow actions and flow action mail instead of adding them as separate tables.

Salesforce Connector

  • Data mismatch in the Users table is solved and implemented incremental processing for all tables.

  • Improvements to the Salesforce connector have been rolled out to enable incremental extraction of data based on the last modified date where applicable.

HubSpot Connector (Beta)

Fixed timeout error for the Contacts table that caused missing data.

Facebook Connector

The runtime exception error has been fixed.

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

Support for the following non-report APIs for Amazon Selling Partner have been added:

  • catalog-items-api

  • listings-restrictions-api

  • fba-inventory-api

  • finances-api

  • fulfillment-inbound-api

  • orders-api

  • product-pricing-api

  • sales-api

  • listings-items-api

Tables Added:

  • CatalogItemsSummary

  • CatalogItemsVariations

  • CatalogItemsSalesRank

  • CatalogCategoriesForASIN

  • CatalogCategoriesForSKU

  • ListingsRestrictions

  • FBAInventorySummary

  • ListFinancialEvents

  • ListFinancialEventGroups

  • InboundShipments (This table has a minor issue, and we are working on it)

  • InboundShipmentItems (This table has a minor issue, and we are working on it)

  • ListAllFulfillmentOrders

  • ListOrder

  • ListOrderItems

  • GetCompetitivePricingForSKU

  • GetCompetitivePricingForASIN

  • PricingForASIN

  • OrderMetricsDaily

  • OrderMetricsHourly

  • ListingsItemsSummary

  • ListingsItemsIssues

  • ListingOffers


Edit your integrations and select new tables that are needed

Amazon Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display

  • Support for intraday processing

Before this release, Daton was replicating data for the current day-1. Amazon APIs now support extracting current-day data and these changes have been implemented in Daton Amazon Ads connectors.

  • Processing logic improvements for Ads to handle attribution

We've improved the mechanism used to handle attribution for Amazon Ads. With this change, we expect a reduction in delays of data caused due to timing out of data extracts when large attribution time windows are selected.

  • Added support for up to 60 days of lookback

Daton now supports a loopback window of 60 days which allows for a complete re-extract of data that is available from the Ads API. This change was needed as, in some rare cases, Amazon data was getting updated even after 30 days.

  • Added market availability check to Sponsored Display Bid Recommendation table

List of new tables

  1. SponsoredProducts_SearchTermTargetingReport (Equivalent to Targets report from Ad console)

  2. Deprecated SponsoredProducts_ProductTargetingReport

  3. SponsoredProducts_SearchTermProductTargetingReport


  • Edit your integrations and change processing to intraday, only if you need hourly data for the present date. Please note that the number of records replicated by Daton will increase with this change and can have an impact on your billing.

  • Edit your integrations and select SponsoredProductsSearchTermTargetingReport and deselect SponsoredProductsProductTargetingReport, SponsoredProducts_SearchTermProductTargetingReport.

Unicommerce Connector

Automated schema management implemented

  • When there is a change in the data type of a field, a new column corresponding to the field and a new data type are created in the table and henceforth populated.

  • The column with the old data type will now have null values.

  • Reloading of tables due to the change in data type will not take place any more. A smaller number of rows are processed due to this enhancement which will also reduce the billing cost.

  • All newly added fields to the API will be transmitted to the warehouse immediately when detected.

Intercom Connector

Automated schema management has been implemented

Tables Added:

  • users

  • subscriptiontypes

  • counts

  • companyusercounts

  • companysegmentcounts

  • companytagcounts

  • usersegmentcounts

  • usertagcounts

  • conversationcounts

  • conversationcountsadmin

Bing Ads Connector

Data loading in 48hr frequency.

Freshdesk Connector

  • Deleted tickets are not included in the response for the 'tickets' API as a separate API has been created for only deleted tickets. There is a new table deleted_tickets exclusively for deleted tickets which can be configured in the UI.

  • Fixed missing data issues.

BigCommerce Connector

  • Fixed missing data issues for product tables.

  • The Customers table data was not being populated due to pagination issues. Resolved.

Salsify Connector

Fixed issue with some Salsify tables failing with report error and big query exception.

File sources (Google Spreadsheets, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, GCS, and SFTP):

  • All uppercase characters in table names will now be converted to lowercase.

  • Existing users: Uppercase characters will remain the same in existing tables.

  • New tables will have all lowercase names.

  • Special characters will be replaced with an underscore.

NEW Connectors added!

Kaufland Connector

About Kaufland Connector

Kaufland is a German hypermarket chain, part of the Schwarz Gruppe which also owns Lidl. The hypermarket directly translates to English as 'buy-land'. It opened its first store in 1984 in Neckarsulm and quickly expanded to become a major chain in what was formerly East Germany.

BOL retail Connector

About BOL retail Connector

Bol.com is a marketplace based out of the Netherlands and offers general merchandising products in categories such as music, film, electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, baby products, gardening, and other categories.

Documentation for BOL retail Connector can be found here.

Google AdWords Connector

About Google AdWords Connector

Google AdWords is an advertising system Google developed to help businesses reach online target markets through its search engine platform and partner sites. These partner sites host a text or image ad that appears on the page after a user search for keywords and phrases related to a business and its products or services. The new AdWords connector will be the go-forward connector for Google Ads and the current connector will be deprecated by end of April 2022.

Salsify Connector

About Salsify Connector

Salsify is a commerce experience management platform (CommerceXM) that empowers brands by providing tools to track and analyze listings, inventories, presentations, and sales of goods on eCommerce platforms. It also allows you to manage product data, content, and other rich media assets to craft and deliver the consumer experience for any channel you sell through.

Documentation for Salsify can be found here.

LoyaltyLion Connector

About LoyaltyLion Connector

LoyaltyLion is an eCommerce customer loyalty and engagement platform, powers growth and retention through data-driven loyalty programs.

Documentation for Salsify can be found here.

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