Platform Enhancements

New Inventory and Business Reports

Seven new reports have been released in Daton four of which are inventory reports and three are business reports.

  1. Inventory Reports: These reports can be accessed at Seller Central > Reports > Fulfilment - InventoryLedgerSummaryReport - InventoryLedgerDetailedReport - FBAManageInventoryHealthReport - FBAMultiCountryInventoryReport

  2. Business Reports: These reports can be accessed at Seller Central > Reports > Business Reports - SalesAndTrafficReportByDate - SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN - SalesAndTrafficReportByParentASIN

Check out the new guidelines mentioned below to use the business reports in Daton.

Guidelines for Business Reports

  1. Re-authenticate the integrations with the same credentials used for creating the integrations. Since these reports use a newer set of permissions, old tokens are not supported and have to be generated again.

  2. Edit existing integrations to add these business reports. Further technical details and mapping of soon-to-be deprecated Inventory Reports can be found here.

Connector Enhancements

Google Ads Connector

  • A new table with the same name as that of a previously removed table can now be added.

  • UI fixes for errors preventing users from navigating to the table selection page after going back to the account selection page.

  • Fixed error that led to the incomplete pulling of data for the current and previous day.

Shopify Connector

  • Events table which was previously failing has been fixed.

  • TIMESTAMP columns that were previously being parsed as LocalDateT previously being parsed as LocalDateTime are now being populated as a TIMESTAMP data type with information on the time zone.

  • Resolved issue causing integrations to pause automatically without user intervention.

  • Fulfillment details are now being populated in the Orders table.

Recharge Payments

  • Fixed the issue that was preventing the Subscriptions and Customers tables from loading.

Walmart Connector

  • Unnesting of data now working as expected. Data was previously populated as a nested object.

NEW Connectors Added!

Etsy Connector

About Etsy Connector

Etsy Inc. is an American e-commerce company focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. Get insights from the transactions, reviews and listings tables amongst other data offered by Etsy's API.

Documentation for etsy can be found here.

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