Platform Enhancements

Run Immediate

A common problem customers encounter while using Daton is that, when they choose a replication frequency of 1 hour, this frequency also gets applied to historical data extracts. This results in a longer extraction time for this data. This issue, although manageable, was not ideal primarily when customers selected 24 hours as the replication frequency.

Solution with Run Immediate

With the recent release of Run Immediate, we have launched the underlying platform capability to trigger a new replication job immediately after a currently running replication job is complete. A source could make a determination as to whether the next job should wait for the set frequency, typically for incremental extracts, or run the next job immediately.

Note that, all new sources built on Daton, going forward, will have this capability built-in right from the beginning. We will work on adding this capability to the currently available sources over the next couple of quarters.


  1. Faster replication of historical data.

  2. Small extraction windows lead to fewer errors and more scalable sources.

Advanced Rate Limit Manager

Rate Limit Management is central to the efficient extraction of data. Although some versions of rate limit management have been implemented in Daton over the last couple of years, we have been quickly growing out of it, necessitating a complete overhaul of this critical module.

Daton implements an Advanced Rate Limit Manager that provides a faster, more reliable data replication capability to our customers, without overhead to our partners.

Rate Limit Manager had been designed to centrally manage API calls made by each Daton connector. It keeps track of API calls made, determines the number of calls available dynamically, and notifies the pipelines so that further calls to the APIs could be made or held until limits become available again.

API throttling occurs when:

  • Daily/Monthly limits exceed for subscription

  • API call limits exceed per hour/minute/second for a developer account

  • API call limits exceed per hour/minute/second for a user/subscription


  1. Reduce throttling errors and job failures Data availability becomes faster, and jobs complete without errors

  2. Fewer error notification emails sent

  3. Optimizes API limits Data replication becomes data faster for both historical and incremental data

Source level changes

  • User ASIN/SKU file input has been enabled from the backend.

  • The faulty parsing of the DOUBLE datatype has been corrected.

Changes in the Tables

  • FBARestockInventoryReport have been enabled for all the Daton marketplaces.

  • The previously deprecated tableSalesAndTrafficReportByDateis now added back to the list of tables that can be selected.

Upcoming Enhancements

The following enhancements in the platform will be reflected shortly.

  • Support for Sponsored Display datasets. ETA: 15th January 2023

  • Support for Sponsored Brand datasets is yet to be made available by Amazon.

Connector Enhancements

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

The rate limit manager has been implemented for the following API calls. This will result in fewer errors and faster data replication in a day.

  • Catalog Items API

  • Finances API

  • Listings API

  • Orders API

  • Product Pricing API

  • Reports API (Upcoming in the next release)

Changes in the Tables:

Brand Analytics tables added:

  • MarketBasketAnalysisReport

  • RepeatPurchaseBehaviourReport

New SKU Column added:

  • SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN

New SKU Column redacted:

  • SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN

Amazon Ads Connector

The following Amazon Ads connectors have been overhauled to provide faster replication of data, fewer errors, and enhanced handling of rate limits. These connectors will use the feature for the time being while we expand the usage of this service gradually over the next couple of quarters.

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands

  • Amazon Sponsored Products

  • Amazon Sponsored Display

Shiprocket Connector

The Shiprocket connector is revamped with Hibernate sync feature which will result in faster replication of data.

Tables added:

  • Orders

  • Products

  • Inventory Details

  • Listings

  • NDR

Amazon Vendor Central Connector

Tables added:

  • RetailProcurementOrdersStatus

  • MarketBasketAnalysisReport

  • RepeatPurchaseBehaviourReport

Bol Retail Connector

Tables added:

  1. Shipment Details

  2. Invoice Line Items

NEW Connectors Added!

Klaviyo Connector

About Klaviyo Connector

Klaviyo is an eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps in delivering more personalized experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web. Klaviyo has more than 75,000 paying customers.

Documentation for Klaviyo can be found here.

Tables added:

  • Metrics

  • Lists

  • Segments

  • Flows

  • Flow Actions

  • Flow Messages

  • Templates

Events added:

  • Bounced Email

  • Clicked Email

  • Clicked SMS

  • Consented To Receive SMS

  • Dropped Email

  • Failed to deliver Automated Response SMS

  • Failed to Deliver SMS

  • Marked Email as Spam

  • Merged Profile

  • Opened Email

  • Opened Push

  • Received Automated Response SMS

  • Received Email

  • Received Push

  • Received SMS

  • Sent SMS

  • Subscribed to Back in Stock

  • Subscribed to List

  • Unsubscribed

  • Unsubscribed From Lis

  • Unsubscribed From SMS

  • Updated Email Preference

  • Placed Orders

  • Canceled Order

  • Refunded Order

  • Active on Site

GitLab Connector

About GitLab Connector

GitLab is a DevOps software package that combines the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application. By effectively using GitLab, we can reduce costs, strengthen security and increase the productivity of developers.

Documentation for GitLab can be found here.

Tables Added:

  • Branches

  • Comments

  • Commits

  • Groups

  • Group Milestones

  • Epics

  • Issues

  • Merge Requests

  • Projects

  • Project Milestones

  • Releases

  • Tags

  • Todos

  • Users

Time Doctor Connector

About Time Doctor Connector

Time Doctor is a multi-functional employee monitoring application with CRM and white-label capabilities. They provide productivity insights that help companies know where to concentrate to increase productivity.

It has many integration capabilities with widely used tools like JIRA, Asana, G Suite, Trello, etc.

Documentation for Time Doctor can be found here.

Tables added:

  • Break

  • Categories

  • Companies

  • Files

  • Notifications

  • Payroll

  • Projects

  • Tags

  • Tasks

  • Users

Amazon Marketing Streams Connector

About Amazon Marketing Streams Connector

Marketing streams is a data-streaming service from Amazon, which streams PPC metrics in real-time. This is a subscription-based service that pushes PPC events to AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) in near real-time.

Setting this connector is a simple one-time process on Daton. Please refer to the setup documentation here.

Note that, this is a paid service on Daton. For exploring the connector in detail reach out for assistance at or get in touch with our data experts here.


  • Receive data in near real-time instead of waiting for a day. This will enable reporting at hourly granularity.

  • Real-time data will help take key intra-day decisions for campaigns, and cost optimizations.


  • Traffic and conversion datasets are now available for Sponsored Products for all Daton marketplaces.

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