Platform Enhancements

Table level scheduling

(For Business and Enterprise plan users)

Integration level configuration and support configurations at individual table-level have been modified.

After this configuration, each table's history and frequency can be set specifically.


Tables that expect updates frequently can be configured with higher frequency and vice versa. The same applies to history configuration too. This feature would reduce the volume of data replicated, further reducing replication and warehouse costs.

Some examples include-

  1. Achieving reduced frequency of extraction for - Snapshot tables - Tables replicated in full with each sync

  2. Achieving increased frequency of extraction for - Critical transaction tables

General Enhancements

  • The DATETIME data type used to be considered as a long TIMESTAMP in warehouses, resulting incorrect date-time data. This data is now being captured according to its data type and values.

  • Improvements to MySQL historical data replication.

Upcoming Enhancements

Support for Amazon Vendor Central with the following reports ETA: 30th June 2022

  • NetPureProductMarginReport

  • VendorForecastingReport

  • VendorInventoryReportByManufacturing

  • VendorInventoryReportBySourcing

  • VendorSalesReportByManufacturing

  • VendorSalesReportBySourcing

  • VendorTrafficReport


As multiple customers have requested the capability to make bulk changes to their connections, we have developed utilities to speed up this process. This work is in progress with 60% of use cases covered in this release.

We will also be rolling out additional functionality to address these changes without contacting support. Stay tuned!

Data Delay Notifications ETA Aug-2022

Enhanced notification capability to alert users when delays in data occur. Work for this has begun last month and testing is currently underway.

We plan to first test it with our internal support teams first and then roll it out to customers in Beta in August.

Connector templates ETA Aug-2022

We are working to provide customers the ability to control their setups easily by offering centralized creation and management of templates. The Beta version is expected to be launched in August.

Connector Enhancements

Table-level scheduling is presently available for:

  1. Amazon Selling Partner

  2. Amazon Ads

  3. Magento

More connectors would make use of this feature from our next release.

Walmart Connector

Walmart now also supports the Mexico marketplace. The tables supported for Mexico include Orders, Returns, Itemreports.

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

The following new reports are being supported now:

  1. PanEuropeanEligibilityFBAASINs' (only for the EU)

  2. SuppressedListingsReport

  3. ListingQualityandSuppressedListingReport

  4. PromotionsPerformanceReport

  • Enhanced report status display on Daton UI. Canceled, Fatal, Success, In Progress, and Skipped jobs can all be verified on Daton UI itself. The definitions or the various job statuses can be found in the connector documentation.

  • Increased lookback range for FBAReturnsReport, and ListFinancialEventGroups tables. This change was required to handle latency better.

Amazon Ads Connectors (SP, SB, SD)

  1. Enhanced report status display on Daton UI Canceled, Fatal, Success, In Progress, and Skipped jobs can all be verified on Daton UI. The definitions of the various job statuses can be found in the connector documentation.

  2. The RequestTime column has been added to all the tables of Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP. Customers who are interested in this data can edit and add this column to their integrations.

ShipRocket Connector

  • Daton supports Shipments API here forth.

RazorPay Connector

  • Added support for 'card' and 'card_type' for the Payments table.

Klaviyo Connector

  • Updated the object 'person' for the EventsTimeLine table by adding the ‘source’ field.

Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk Connectors

  • Changes have been made to auto-detect API response changes and replicate the same to the destination without manual intervention.

Unicommerce Connector

  • New facilities can now be added from UI (through edit workflow) and start dates can be picked individually for these facilities. This will reduce the number of reloads and volume.

Google Sheets Connector

  1. Changes have been made to auto-detect any file structure changes and replicate the same to the destination without manual intervention.

  2. The following metadata columns have been added

    1. SheetRowNumber

    2. LastModifiedTime

    3. SheetVersionNumber

Snapchat Ads Connector

Enhanced Pagination handling for reports tables.

Google Ads Connector

Incorrect replication of date in the UI is fixed by implementing a minimum date up to which data was replicated among all accounts decided to be the replication date on UI.

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