Platform Enhancements

  1. Option to select all available columns at once for tables while creating an integration has been added.

  2. A new job status topic will be published on Kafka after each job (To be used in the Halo workflow).

Upcoming Enhancements

Fixes associated with Google Analytics jobs.

Connector Enhancements

Google Ads Connector

  • Support for additional reports and tables has been added.

  • Fixes to existing combinations have been made.

Intercom Connector

Fixes to the deals and other tables.

Amazon Ads Connector

Support for all marketplaces except the Far East region has been added.

Vinculum Connector

Enhancements in batch processing have been added.

Google Analytics Connector

Several fixes in the edit integration flow have been made.

GA Golden Record

  1. A new field _daton_golden has been introduced and will be set to TRUE if the data is correct/un-sampled. We would be extracting data for the previous day in each scheduled job (as opposed to once-a-day processing).

  2. The flag _daton_golden would be FALSE until we fetch an un-sampled record. Expect additional duplicates in data and make changes in your workflows accordingly.

NEW Connectors Added!

  1. Google Search Console

  2. Stamped.io

  3. Google Play

  4. SFTP (CSVs)

  5. Customer.io (Beta)

  6. Hubspot (Beta)

  7. QuickBooks (Beta)

  8. ShipRocket (Beta)

  9. Stripe (Beta)

  10. Yahoo Gemini (Beta)

  11. LiveChat (Needs App Approval)

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