Connector Enhancements

Amazon Vendor Central Connector

Table-level history has been implemented. History and frequency can be set specifically for each table. This feature would reduce the volume of data replicated, further reducing replication and warehouse costs.

Amazon Selling Partner Connector

  • Corrected faulty date sequencing for SalesAndTrafficReportByChildASIN.

  • Table-level history has been implemented.

ReCharge Payments Connector

  • Recharge offers hosted solutions and integrate them to process recurring transactions with the setup of your choice.

  • The replication key β€˜updated_at’ typically runs for incremental extracts. This release has improved the version to accommodate history data irrespective of size constraints.

Exchange Rates Connector

The exchange_rates API has been revised. This revision drives it to fetch the historical data immediately.

Shiprocket V2 Connector

  • The Shiprocket connector is revamped with Hibernate sync feature which will result in faster replication of data.

  • The version has been improved to accommodate orders fulfilled by Shiprocket and fetch history data immediately.

TikTok connector

The issue with the Incremental data outage in daily reports has been fixed.

Klaviyo V2 Connector

Tables Added:

  • Profiles

  • all_events

Upscribe V2 Connector

Tables Added:

  • subscription_changelog

NEW Connectors Added!

Yotpo Connector

About Yotpo Connector

Yotpo's eCommerce marketing platform offers the most advanced solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing.

Documentation for Yotpo can be found here.

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