Scaling and Enhancing eCommerce Data Management: 2023 Recap and 2024 Roadmap

2023 at Saras Analytics: A transformative year for Daton in eCommerce data management, marked by significant advancements, platform growth, and a forward-looking vision for 2024.

First, we'd like to thank every one of our customers who have trusted us and have been partners in this journey of building Daton. We set out building Daton to be a best-in-class data foundation for eCommerce and associated sectors. 2023 has been a pivotal year for us here at Saras Analytics. We invested significant time, energy, and resources to make Daton more robust, scalable, and world class.

At Saras Analytics, our aim is to help companies get actionable insights faster. Daton is the foundation for achieving this objective. All steps we take are geared towards optimising towards that objective. This means faster connector development, reducing connector maintenance time, achieving faster replication speeds, increasing data accuracy, improving platform uptime, reducing data downtime, increasing reliability of replication jobs, and improving SLAs across the platform.

The following are some of the key upgrades we've had achieved in 2023 and what's to be expected soon.

Platform Metrics

Daton had its best year so far hitting a new performance benchmark in 2023. The following are some statistics from this year:

  1. More than 300,000 pipelines running at least once every hour

  2. More than 3B replication jobs

  3. More than 10 Trillion rows of data replicated

  4. Launched 43 New connectors in 2023

  5. Upgraded 27 existing connectors

We made significant foundational investments into Daton in 2023, the results of which will be more abundantly clear to customers in 2024. Our focus was spread evenly across the following areas:

  1. Speeding up new connector launch, maintenance, and support

  2. Improving platform stability and availability

  3. Usability Improvements, and

  4. Achieving Certifications

Let's dive in to the details.

Connector Studio

We believe that there should be no reason for any customer to develop their own connector support using Python or Airflow. All the reasons that prompt users to go down this path are addressed in Daton using Connector Studio.

Launch of Connector Studio has been a significant milestone in the journey of Daton. We launched Connector Studio in private beta in 2023 with a simple goal of building and managing connectors easy, quick, and scalable. We have been working on this capability for over 18 months with a dedicated team and have built one of the most comprehensive connector development accelerators in the space. This new feature has enabled our engineering teams who have been locked in to connector management to free up their time and focus more of the core platform features that are designed to make Daton easy to use.

The following are the core capabilities of Connector Studio:

  1. Authentication: Support Basic Auth, OAuth, and any Key Based authentication.

  2. Scheduling: Source level scheduling supported at this time.

  3. CRON expressions: CRON expressions are supported from the backend at this time for custom scheduling options.

  4. Sync Hibernation: Continuous historical replication.

  5. Sources: Any REST API, Graph QL source. Any source that has asynchronous reports and tables that have parent and child relationships.

  6. On Demand Sync: Is supported across all CStudio connectors.

  7. Templates: All CStudio connectors support templates.

  8. Sync Direction: History extraction in reverse chronological order is supported in CStudio sources.

  9. Robust Data Operations: We support an extensive set of operations to transform source data into desired schema. Some of them are selection, exclusion, flatten, decomposition of arrays, JSON path selection, fusion of multiple array fields, and more.

Key Benefits of Connector Studio:

  1. With CStudio, we can tackle most tail end connectors of the eCommerce market as building a connector has been reduced to connecting a few blocks.

  2. CStudio is built to handle almost all edge cases that may arise for any connector by introducing a wide variety of JSON transformation operations and partition strategies.

  3. One of the major benefits is its modularised and highly reusable. Any enhancements for the connectors, such as new table additions, API version updations, etc. can be done with minimal effort.

  4. Overall development effort required to build and maintain connectors is reduced drastically resulting in faster turnaround time for connector related issues.

Any data engineer or analyst with a knowledge of REST APIs can add sources in to Daton. If you are interested in joining our beta program, let us know.

If you want new connectors developed, just request our support team and we will have the new connector released in one to two weeks.

Scheduler Enhancements

  1. Improvements to scheduler services have been made to enable faster and more flexible scheduling of jobs.

  2. Connectors now have the flexibility to bypass default scheduling and use the new "Run At" and "Run After" functionality to determine when the next job should run.

  3. This capability is especially useful in speeding up historical data processing and to avoid unnecessary jobs when the source has no new data to offer for a period of time.

  4. Infrastructure for Scheduler services has also been enhanced to improve reliability of job scheduling.

  5. Enhancements to Table level scheduling have been made which can help customers contain their replication costs at a most granular level.

Advanced Rate Limits Manager

Source platforms enforce certain limitations on the cadence with which we can extract data from these systems. Sometimes, these limitations are shared across all APIs in the systems, sometimes the limitations are at an API level, and in some cases a mix of both. Without a strong rate limit management system, we frequently have to take a conservative approach to extracting data, which can result in issues with the recency and accuracy of the extracted data. Therefore, managing rate limits is one of the key aspects of any ETL platform. With the launch of our Advanced Rate Limits Manager, the following are some benefits customers can avail:

  1. We're no longer wasteful with API calls. Our manager monitors and dynamically adjusts usage, making the most of every precious request.

  2. As our service grows, so does our ability to handle API interactions. Advanced Rate Limits Manager scales seamlessly, keeping us agile and efficient.

  3. As of today, this service has been integrated with all our Amazon sources and is currently being integrated into Connector Studio natively.

  4. A 95% decrease in rate limit errors (429) in the Amazon Selling Partner connector leading to faster historical data extraction and ensuring that the latest data is available in your warehouse as soon as possible.

  5. By Q1 of 2024, all our sources developed on Connector Studio can benefit from the capabilities of the Advanced Rate Limits Manager.


Templates bring in lifecycle management into connectors. By defining a template, a user

  • is creating a pre-defined configuration for a connector that they want to use across all the integrations belonging to that connectors.

  • can simplify connector setup and to manage changes to connectors with a few clicks.

  • can ensure downstream pipelines are not broken because of configuration issues in source integrations/connections.

Templates are available as an add-on in the enterprise plan. Reach out to our support team to schedule a demo.

New Connectors

The following new connectors have been added in 2023:

  1. GA4: Google Analytics is a web analytics service by Google, that provides insights on website and app traffic. Daton's Google Analytics connector has recently been enhanced to offer more flexibility and efficiency in data integration. Users can now select multiple combinations of metrics and dimensions within a single integration. This eliminates the need for multiple integrations to accommodate different metric-dimension combinations. This improvement simplifies the process and streamlines data analysis, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights from their Google Analytics data. It also supports all dimensions and metrics including custom ones and we support the history replication in faster manner as well. See connector documentation.

  2. Amazon Marketing Cloud: AMC is a cloud-based cleanroom solution that ensures confidentiality and privacy while allowing advertisers to conduct analytics using pseudonymized signals. In a secure and private environment, advertisers can use AMC to evaluate data from various sources, including Amazon Ads signals and their own inputs. In Daton you can choose lookback period and timezone to get the most accurate data on each data refresh. See connector documentation.

  3. Mercado Libre: Mercado Libre is a leading e-commerce and technology company in Latin America and has since become one of the largest online marketplaces in the region, offering a wide range of products and services. We pull various data from them such as order details, inventory, campaign and ads details. See connector documentation.

  4. Amazon Brand Metrics: AMB is a measurement solution that quantifies brand opportunities at each customer journey stage within Amazon's store. It provides valuable insights into shopping engagements impacting consideration and sales. Access to awareness and consideration indices helps you optimize your brand presence and customer engagement on Amazon. See connector documentation.

  5. Email Attachments: This connector enables users to extract data from files received in their email into a warehouse. The connector currently supports Microsoft Outlook inboxes and csv files. We are going to expand the capability of this connector to include Gmail inboxes and xlsx files. The primary use case of this connector is to streamline data received via email attachments into a warehouse. These files are usually generated from an automated service and this connector eliminates the effort of manually downloading those files and appending them into a database. See connector documentation.

  6. Tiktok Business: TikTok Business is designed for businesses and content creators that give businesses access to exclusive performance insights, creative tools, and account features to help them think like marketers and act like creators. See connector documentation.

  7. Rakuten: Rakuten is an e-commerce and online retail company that operates a diverse range of businesses, including e-commerce, online banking, digital content, telecommunications. See connector documentation.

  8. Ascend: Ascend is an affiliate marketing platform and technology solution. It is designed to help businesses manage their affiliate programs, track performance, and optimize their affiliate marketing efforts. See connector documentation.

  9. Criteo Retail Media: Criteo Retail Media enables retailers to monetize their own websites and digital properties by offering advertising opportunities to brands and manufacturers. See connector documentation.

  10. Monday: Monday is a work management platform that helps teams manage their projects, tasks, and workflows effectively. See connector documentation.

  11. Awtomic: Awtomic is a subscription platform which helps in building long term engagement with clients through member services and subscriptions. See connector documentation.

  12. Rippling: Rippling is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and automate HR, IT, and employee management for businesses. It offers a suite of tools and features for employee onboarding, payroll management, benefits administration, and IT provisioning. See connector documentation.

  13. Kustomer: Kustomer is a customer service and support platform that provides businesses with tools to manage and enhance their customer interactions. See connector documentation.

  14. Byrd: Byrd is a shipping and fulfilment platform and has integrations across various marketplaces. It has a logistics network across Europe to reduce delivery costs. See connector documentation.

  15. Skuvault: SkuVault as a connector in Daton allows users to seamlessly integrate and synchronize their inventory and warehouse data with other critical data sources and destinations. It simplifies the process of unifying and centralizing inventory data, enhancing visibility and control over stock levels, and facilitating data-driven decision-making. See connector documentation.

  16. Impact: Impact is a partnership management platform. See connector documentation.

  17. SugarCRM: SugarCRM is a CRM software company that provides solutions to help businesses manage their customer relationships, sales processes, and overall interactions with customers. See connector documentation.

  18. Survey Monkey: SurveyMonkey is an online survey platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and distribute surveys to collect valuable feedback and data. It provides a user-friendly interface for designing surveys, collecting responses, and analyzing results. See connector documentation.

  19. Inventory Planner: Inventory Planner helps in getting inventory forecasts, buying recommendations and automates inventory purchasing. See connector documentation.

  20. Dear: Dear is an inventory management software. See connector documentation.

  21. Easypost: EasyPost is a shipping and logistics technology platform that provides businesses with a set of tools and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to simplify the process of integrating shipping and tracking capabilities into their applications, websites, or e-commerce platforms. See connector documentation.

  22. Loop Returns: Loop Returns is a company that provides a returns management platform designed to help e-commerce businesses streamline and improve the returns process. See connector documentation.

  23. Skubana: Skubana is an e-commerce operations platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize various aspects of their multichannel operations. The platform aims to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide real-time visibility into inventory, orders, and fulfillment across multiple sales channels. See connector documentation.

  24. Taboola: Taboola is a content discovery and native advertising platform that helps publishers and advertisers connect with their audiences. The platform serves as a recommendation engine, suggesting content to users based on their interests and behavior. See connector documentation.

  25. 3PL Central: 3PL providers play a crucial role in optimizing and streamlining the supply chain for businesses. Organisations that engage in 3PL services outsource all or part of their logistics and distribution functions to a specialised third-party provider. See connector documentation.

  26. Shiphero: ShipHero is a cloud-based e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management platform designed to help businesses manage their warehouse operations efficiently. ShipHero aims to streamline order fulfillment processes, optimize inventory management, and provide tools for improving overall e-commerce operations. See connector documentation.

  27. Rainforest: Rainforest specializes in making web scraping Amazon product data simple and providing a straightforward solution for extracting data. See connector documentation.

  28. Keepa: Keepa is an Amazon price tracking service that provides historical pricing data, sales rank history, inventory levels, and other insights on Amazon products. It tracks data for all Amazon marketplaces globally. See connector documentation.

  29. Northbeam: Northbeam is a powerful ad attribution platform tailored for media buyers, business executives, and marketing agencies seeking precise insights into ad spend performance. Its robust features enable detailed tracking and analysis of advertising campaigns, supporting informed decisions and effective scaling of ad strategies. See connector documentation.

  30. Anvyl: Anvyl is a supply chain visibility and collaboration platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize their supply chain operations. The platform provides tools for tracking and managing the production and movement of goods, facilitating communication and collaboration among supply chain partners. See connector documentation.

  31. Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout is a popular software tool used by e-commerce entrepreneurs, particularly those involved in selling products on the Amazon platform. It provides various features and functionalities to help users research and analyze potential products for sale on Amazon. See connector documentation.

  32. Shipbob: Shipbob offers end-to-end solutions, from order processing and inventory management to efficient picking, packing, and shipping. It seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, allowing businesses to manage orders from multiple sources effortlessly. See connector documentation.

  33. Commission Junction: Commission Junction (CJ) is an affiliate marketing network that connects advertisers (merchants or brands) with publishers (website owners, bloggers, influencers, etc.) who promote the advertisers' products or services. See connector documentation.

  34. Clickpost: ClickPost is a logistics and supply chain technology company that focuses on providing solutions for e-commerce businesses.

  35. Pipedrive CRM: Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that streamlines sales processes, enhances deal management, and improves collaboration. See connector documentation.

  36. JustCall: JustCall is a comprehensive cloud-based phone system and communication platform designed to streamline business telephony and customer interactions. See connector documentation.

  37. GoFlow: Goflow is a leading SaaS platform that helps e-commerce companies manage and integrate their operations across multiple sales channels like online marketplaces, websites, and physical stores. It provides an end-to-end solution for order management, inventory control, logistics, and business intelligence. See connector documentation.

  38. Paypal: PayPal is a global leader in digital payments, providing a convenient and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online. With over 446 million active accounts worldwide, PayPal is a trusted platform for millions of companies to process payments. It offers a variety of payment solutions, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets. See connector documentation.

  39. Survicate: Survicate is a survey and feedback management software that helps companies capture customer insights at scale. It is highly rated for its easy setup, customization, and integration. You can build any survey in minutes using an intuitive drag-and-drop creator without coding. It also allows you to automate feedback collection with recurring surveys for a constant stream of valuable insights. See connector documentation.

  40. Prodco Analytics: Prodco Analytics offers, a complete suite of in-store analytics providing more detailed information like; draw rates, path mapping, zone density, and dwell times. It is a total brick-and-mortar solution that enables organisations to quantify the impact of business change, marketing events, and other in-store activities. See connector documentation.

  41. When I Work: When I Work is a cloud-based workforce management platform designed to help businesses schedule shifts, manage time and attendance, and communicate with their employees. See connector documentation.

  42. Sprout Social: Sprout Social platform delves deep into the essence of social media, going beyond mere marketing strategies. It offers brands a unified platform to manage conversations, derive actionable insights, and ensure an impactful presence in the digital realm. Its integrated solutions, including social marketing and employee advocacy, make it a go-to tool for many brands. See connector documentation.

  43. StackAdapt: StackAdapt is an industry-leading, self-serving programmatic advertising platform that provides businesses with robust tools to reach their target audiences effectively across channels like native, video, and connected TV. Leveraging the latest in machine learning and AI, it optimizes campaigns, ensuring ads are served to the most relevant users, thereby enhancing the overall return on advertising spend. See connector documentation.

Enhancements to Existing Connectors

The following connectors have been improved in 2024 or have been migrated to Connector Studio (CStudio).

  1. Shopify: We have upgraded our Shopify connector by building it from scratch in CStudio. With this we can replicate history quicker and better manage the rate limits of different clients, be it normal Shopify user or a Plus user. This version of connector can detect any new columns sent by Shopify, so there is no need to worry about missing data. We have also introduced many new tables like gift_cards, order_customerjourneysummary, product_sessiondata which are only available in Daton. See connector documentation.

  2. Amazon Ads: Our Amazon Ad connectors are the best in the market because of how wide and in-depth the APIs supported by Daton are. We have the lowest time to market for all the new products that Amazon launches like AMC, Brand Metrics, and Sponsored TV (launching soon). Daton also supports every single report across Sponsored Products, Brands, Display, DSP, and AMS. This is great for you as a customer because of how often Amazon introduces new APIs and makes changes to the existing ones and you can be sure that Daton will support it. Daton to this day supports integrations created 3+ years ago without any issues.

    1. Migration of Sponsored Products reports and raw tables to v3 (latest) endpoints.

    2. Migration of Sponsored Brands raw tables to v4 (latest) endpoints.

    3. Sponsored Brands unified reports: The current report tables didn't support the multi-ad group reports, but the new unified reports now include data for: video + non-video + multi-ad group campaigns thus replacing the need for using two tables per report type.

    4. New tables added:

      1. Budget recommendations and missed opportunities

      2. Invoices

      3. SponsoredProducts ThemeBasedBidRecommendations

      4. Sponsored Brands AdsList

      5. Sponsored Product Targeting Report

      6. Store Insights

  3. Amazon Selling Partner: We spent around 8 months revamping our Amazon Selling Partner connector owing to the many issues that were reported by our customers over the past two years after the first version of the Selling Partner connector was launched. Here are some new improvements that were brought out by v2:

    1. Faster data replication: brought about by our enhanced scheduling capabilities. This ensures that data is replicated at least 10x faster than the previous version of the connector.

    2. Reduction in rate limit issues: brought about by our Advanced Rate Limits Manager. Rate limit errors used to hold up the data extraction of many tables in our previous connector.

    3. Flexibility in scheduling tables. Frequencies of some tables were hard coded in the backend in the previous version, and we were either calling the API too often or too less. The new version only considers table level frequencies (found in the table selection page ➝ Advanced Settings).

    4. Custom parametrization: We can now define the number of days to extract per API call, number of API calls in a single job, number of retries when a report is FATAL or CANCELLED etc. in readily accessible table settings without dipping into our code base.

    5. Better handling of data re-extraction. Data re-extraction is required because of changes in data at the source. There is now flexibility for each table to have a different look-back window. For custom changes, please contact us. There is also a feature in the UI that helps you re-extract data for a particular table. Click on the calendar icon to select the date from which you want the data to be re-extracted.

    6. Quick turnaround times for API changes or new tables: Because of the custom parametrisation we can now adapt to new API behaviours. Example: MarketBasketAnalysisReport can now only accept 1 single date per API call, and we made this change within a few hours. Previously, this would take 2-3 weeks to develop, test, and deploy.

    7. New tables added. The first five tables were added within a couple of days. It would have taken at least one month to deploy all these tables to production if we were reliant on the earlier codebase.

      1. BrowseTreeReport

      2. RemoteFulfillmentEligibilityReport

      3. FBALongTermStorageFeeChargesReport

      4. XMLAllOrdersReportByLastUpdate

      5. FlatFileArchivedOrdersReportbyOrderDate

      6. ReplenishmentSnSOffers

      7. ReplenishmentSnSForecastMetrics

      8. ReplenishmentSnSOffersForecastMetrics

      9. ReplenishmentSnSOffersPerformanceMetricsWeekly

      10. ReplenishmentSnSPerformanceMetricsWeekly

    8. New parsing mechanisms added: we can now process files not only in json, csv, and tsv but also xml and xlsx.

  4. Klaviyo: We upgraded Klaviyo with CStudio and divided the events into multiple tables based on metrics. This helped in extracting necessary events faster and having them ready for analysis faster that before. Currently, we support all standard events used by many clients and also have an all_events table which will provide all events as well. See connector documentation.

  5. Walmart: Walmart Marketplace is an e-commerce platform operated by Walmart that allows third-party sellers to list and sell their products directly to Walmart's customer base. We improvised this connector in CStudio to add new tables and reports along with new capabilities like faster history replication and rate limit manager. See connector documentation.

  6. Exchange rates: Exchange rates represent the relative value of different currencies in the foreign exchange market (forex). In Daton, we re-built this connector in CStudio to pull the history faster and avoid any data delays. We recently switched to a different API provider to increase the reliability of the connector. See connector documentation.

  7. Recharge Payments: Recharge Payments is a subscription billing platform that manages subscription-based services, automates recurring billing, and handles customer payments. Integrating ReCharge Payments with Daton enables seamless management of recurring subscription payments, automates billing processes, and provides comprehensive reporting and analytics for subscription-based businesses. We enhanced the speed of history replication and added data processor to detect any new columns from the source. See connector documentation.

  8. Teamwork: The Teamwork Connector in Daton is a robust integration tool designed to seamlessly connect your Teamwork project management data with Daton's data integration platform. We upgraded Teamwork connector in CStudio which includes faster replication of history and improved error handling capabilities. See connector documentation.

  9. Help Scout: Help Scout is a customer support and help desk software that helps businesses manage customer inquiries, support tickets, and communication. We improvised this connector to support new tables and faster replication of history. See connector documentation.

  10. Google My Business: A new version of GMB also known as Google Business Profile is a free online platform and tool provided by Google that allows businesses and organisations to create and manage their online presence on Google's search engine and maps. See connector documentation.

  11. Leadsquared v2: LeadSquared is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software platform designed to help businesses manage leads, automate marketing processes, and improve overall customer engagement. Newer version of Leadsquared includes faster replication of history and improved error handling capabilities. See connector documentation.

  12. Unbounce: Unbounce, when integrated as a connector in Daton, serves as a vital bridge between your marketing and data management systems. We improvised the connector to replicate history faster with minimal API calls to account for rate limits. See connector documentation.

  13. Adjust: Adjust is a comprehensive mobile app marketing and analytics platform that enables businesses to measure, analyze, and optimize their mobile advertising campaigns and user engagement. We improvised faster replication of history along with new table additions. See connector documentation.

  14. EasyEcom: EasyEcom is an eCommerce operating system offering a unified dashboard that lets you handle everything in eCommerce. We stabilised the connector with proper error handling and new table additions. See connector documentation.

  15. Intercom: Intercom is a customer messaging platform that offers a suite of tools for businesses to communicate with their customers across various channels. Intercom is designed to facilitate personalized and real-time interactions between companies and their users. See connector documentation.

  16. Yotpo: Yotpo is a platform that provides solutions for user-generated content (UGC) marketing in the e-commerce space. Yotpo helps businesses collect and leverage customer reviews, ratings, photos, and other user-generated content to enhance their online presence and marketing efforts. We added new loyalty tables along with faster history replication. See connector documentation.

  17. Gorgias: Gorgias is a customer support and helpdesk platform that focuses on providing efficient and automated customer service for e-commerce businesses. We have added new tables and released a stable version of the connector. See connector documentation.

  18. Aftership: AfterShip is a shipment tracking platform that provides businesses with tools to track and manage their shipments. We upgraded the connector in CStudio with faster history replication and new tables. See connector documentation.

  19. Copper CRM: Copper is a CRM platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Copper focuses on providing a user-friendly CRM experience that integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace applications. See connector documentation.

  20. Upscribe: Upscribe is a subscription management platform designed to enhance customer experiences and boost brand loyalty. We added new tables in it and upgraded with faster history replication along with rate limit manager. See connector documentation.

  21. Razorpay: Razorpay is a comprehensive payment gateway platform that enables businesses to accept online payments seamlessly. As a connector in Daton, Razorpay facilitates easy integration with other systems, allowing businesses to efficiently process and manage their payment data for improved financial operations and decision-making. See connector documentation.

  22. Calendly: Calendly is a popular online scheduling tool that simplifies the process of setting up and managing appointments or meetings. Calendly source in Daton now supports faster history replication with rate limits managed efficiently. See connector documentation.

  23. Hubspot: HubSpot is an integrated marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. The improvised connector now supports faster history replication. See connector documentation.

  24. Smartrr: The Smartrr Platform is a subscription platform that helps direct-to-consumer brands, especially Shopify sellers, to offer customizable subscriptions and memberships to their customers. See connector documentation.

  25. Xero: Xero offers a suite of tools for financial management, including invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and reporting, with the flexibility of integrating with various third-party applications. See connector documentation.

  26. Quickbooks: The QuickBooks platform is a comprehensive financial management software designed to streamline accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting for businesses. It offers tools for invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and inventory management. We upgraded this connector through CStudio which properly handles the complex JSON response from the source. See connector documentation.

  27. is a platform designed to facilitate customer feedback and reviews for businesses. It offers a range of tools for collecting and managing customer reviews, ratings, and other user-generated content. See connector documentation.

  28. Outbrain: Outbrain is a digital advertising platform that specializes in content discovery and recommendation services. It helps publishers, advertisers, and marketers promote their content and reach a wider audience. See connector documentation.

New Destinations

We launched two new destinations in 2023 and can now support data lakes as well.

This brings our total supported destinations to 13! Help us to get to 14. Let us know if you need any destination supported.

  1. Azure One Lake: is a scalable and secure data lake storage service designed to facilitate data storage, management, and processing, making it ideal for handling large volumes of diverse data types. See destination documenation.

  2. Azure Data Storage: The Azure Storage platform is Microsoft's cloud storage solution for modern data storage scenarios. Azure Storage offers highly available, massively scalable, durable, and secure storage for a variety of data objects in the cloud. See destination documentation.


After undergoing a rigorous year long audit, Daton has achieved both SOC II Type II and GDPR compliance in 2023.

What's coming in 2024?

Forward-Looking Statements: This topic contains certain forward-looking statements. These statements are based on Saras Analytics's current expectations and assumptions, which are inherently uncertain and subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those anticipated. Risks and uncertainties could affect these expectations.

No Guarantees: You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. The statements speak only as of the date hereof. Saras Analytics undertakes no obligation to update or revise these statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.

Enhancements to Daton

Advanced Notifications

This feature has been long due on our part. Although Daton exposes all the data for customers to be able to build their own downstream alerting, it is also imperative that the platform gets smarter about sending notifications about key events happening on the platform. Our team has been hard at work re-building notifications from the ground up including an upgrade to the UI and notifications for data delay. This new feature will launch at the end of Jan 2024 (beta launch) with a full public launch by the end of Feb 2024. These changes are designed to bring in more transparency into the jobs that Daton is running for you while also making it easy to know about issues in a proactive manner.

  1. Simplified setup for preferences: The UI is getting much simpler for choosing which notifications you want to receive.

  2. Slack integration: You can now choose to receive notifications via Slack.

  3. Data delay notifications: So far you'd have to check your data to see if it is up to date or not. We are adding this capability to Daton, if your integration is running into errors or hasn't ran on time then we will let you know beforehand.

  4. Alerts panel: Instead of opening every single integration to check if there is an issue with your integrations, a single unified panel will show you errors across all your integrations at a table-level granularity.

Some of these features will be restricted to certain subscription plans. We will share more details as we go closer to the release date.

If you would like to be added to the beta launch please reach out to our support team and we will have you added.

Role-Based Access Control

Currently in Daton, there are only two types of users who are allowed - OrganizationAdmin and OrganizationUser. This can be limiting in certain situations where customers want access to control functionality in Daton in a more granular manner. We are working on providing advanced role-based access managed to Daton. The roles include:

  1. Admin: This is the Admin of the company who is created the company in Daton. The user with Admin role can perform all operations on Daton such as managing sources, destinations, subscriptions and user management.

  2. Billing Admin: This role provides access for managing billing and subscription details of the company so basically any finance team member can be given this role to have better visibility and management of their billing details.

  3. Destination Admin: Users with this role can create, view and manage all destinations of the company along with managing sources.

  4. Template Admin: For those users who have subscribed for templates, this role would be helpful in creating and managing templates for their company. They can also add and manage integrations in Daton.

  5. Source Admin: Users with this role can create and manage sources in Daton across the company.

  6. Source Creator: Users with this role can create sources and manage the one this user created. They cannot view or access any other sources.

  7. Source Monitor: Users with this role can view all the sources and monitor them across the company. They cannot manage or do any other operation in Daton.

With the addition of these new roles, we provide an easy method of transferring the role to different user or an existing user from the User Management section of Daton.

This feature is expected to go-live fully in February 2024. The backend services will be live in January 2024.

SSO and Multi Factor Authentication

Based on popular request from our enterprise customers, we will take up adding support for SSO and MFA in the latter half of Q1 of 2024.

Advanced Rate Limits Manager

Advanced rate limit manager will be integrated into our CStudio so that all the sources start to benefit from this scalable infrastructure. Work on this is currently underway, and the integration is expected to be complete by February 2024. Connectors will start to leverage this functionality as needed through the course of the year.

Pipeline Upgrades

Improve speed of replication, efficiency of data handling, reducing replication costs, improving data accuracy are continuous obsessions for us here at the Daton team. An increasing usage, an increase in the variety of sources and destinations we support brings with it a need to review our current pipeline design, look for inefficiencies, and work towards continuous improvement. The new version of the pipeline is being built from the ground up to support our Connector Studio infrastructure and will enable us to add a lot more data handling features faster to all our CStudio connectors. The benefits of the new pipeline will include:

  1. Faster historical data replication

  2. Improved data type handling

  3. Multi-directional pipelines​ that can be flexibly configured for faster and more accurate data replication

  4. Improved schema selection on the UI​

  5. Improved schema standardization

  6. Hibernation aware scheduling

Enhanced Subscription Usage Reporting

We are working on enhancements to our subscription and usage reporting modules to provide more granular information on actual usage on the platform. Currently, customers have access to all the raw data used for calculating usage, but our goal is to make it simpler to access and use this information for planning and keeping costs under check.

New Product Launch

Daton Insights

Our highly anticipated new product that offers turnkey business intelligence and insights for brands and agencies is set to be launched this month. With Daton, we cater to the needs of companies that have internal data teams and complex data problems. With Daton Insights, we are taking Daton a step closer to the business and aim to help customers that need data and insights but have no data teams in house to make data happen.

Reach out to to know more.

Thank you,

Krishna Poda

CEO, Saras Analytics

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